Monday, June 4, 2018

Borderlands Faction: The Ranger's Service

Name: The Rangers

Aka: The Roadmen, The Service

Rep: A group of adventurers, typically martial types, who have been hired by the city-state of Dragonclaw to patrol the roads between the woods at the Great Salt Marsh, known also as the Fiddle Run. These men and women keep order and serve as defense for merchants and travelers from bandits or monsters.

Brief: After the Great War and the founding of the Borderlands, little was given to how the roads between the towns would be secured. For the most part they are not, merchants and travelers are encouraged to either know their martial skills or be able to hire sellswords to guard them and their wares. The city-state of Dragonclaw, a mining and lumber city within the woods had came upon an idea of how to protect their main lifeline of fruits and vegetables farmed in the Great Salt Marsh. Using money from ore and lumber sales, the town founded the Ranger's Service to patrol the Fiddle Run and discourage highwaymen and monsters.

Quick Facts

-The Fiddle Run is a road that runs from the forests to the Marsh. It's foot traffic ranges from Dwarven prospectors panning the streams or heading to the mines to adventurers seeking out the lost Malburg Citadel for the treasures that lay therein. Commonly the traffic is food or medicine deliveries going to Dragonclaw and ore and timber deliveries going to Mosstide Landing.

-'The Rangers' will hire adventurers if either a bandit or monster is deemed to be an extreme hazard to the road. The pay is good, though adventurers do grumble that they have to actually keep their liaison alive to verify their work completed.

-The Rangers also operate a number of listening posts stationed Rangers whose job is to monitor an area of wild lands and report anything unusual or dangerous to headquarters.


A Good Man is Hard to Find - Bailey the Beast is a highwayman and killer, often approaching parties as simple travelers and being taken into the victim's camp before they spring their trap and slaughter anyone they come across. There is a substantial reward for the head of the Beast.

Pale Lights, Cold Deaths - Reports of eldritch lights and pale figures have always lingered in the Great Salt Marsh. With the formation of the The Rangers, the town of Dragonclaw is eager to clear the roads and make them safer for travelers. To that end, the Rangers have sought adventuring parties to hire and send into the lower reaches of the Fiddle Run to find out what is going on and deal with the matter.

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