Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Roadwarden #1 - Last of the Nightrider

The Roadwarden

A Solo Session

It is a time of great uncertainty...

The many roads to central forests and the city-state of Grunewood depend on constant and honest tolls to maintain the roads for merchants, travelers, and in times of war, refugees. In order to keep the toll keepers honest and the roads safe, the city-state depends on a group within the Watch known as the Roadwardens. When not on patrol, Roadwardens are known to lead militiamen to deal with threats such as dire animals, goblinoid attacks, and brigands. They are charged with escorting caravans and wagons of important people. They often bring outlaws escapees into the city when they can help it, or at least bring their corpses in. Being in such a mix, Roadwardens often hear tells of treasures and glory from those they meet on the road. Such tales tempt a Roadwarden towards leaving to be an adventurer...

Scene 1 – The Nightrider

<What is the weather? A d10 summer table rolls a 3 and reveals that it is hot with thunderheads and stormy weather.>

Genevieve Gironde's auburn hair was tucked under a long brim hat as she urged her horse further. She had a very affectionate bond with her chestnut and was unwilling to use cruel spurs into it's hide. Her spurless heels did press into the beast, which was enough of a signal to maintain speed as the pair passed through curtains of rain. A silver flash of lightning brightened the twisting trails of the Grunewood, ahead of her was the fluttering black cape of one called the Nightrider.

McIntyre: “Blighters got a hell of a lead on us.” He commented <Ride Check McIntyre is +3 vs. TN 12 = 17>. He maintains speed along with his lead as the pair continue to chase after him.

Genevieve: “We'll break on either side, I'm going to draw and fire. If I hit him you run him down, aye?”

McIntyre wore the same long brim hat as his lead. His hair was blonde with a short beard and mustache along his broad face. While he did not acknowledge directly, he did spur his horse. Unlike his lead, he had no qualms about gaining speed. <Does the storm complicate? 65% Yes = 80%>. It appears, though the warm, fat droplets continued to fall, they had begun to lighten for a brief window.

McIntyre: His actions made the horse move faster, but at a cost of requiring another ride check. <TN +3 vs. TN 13 = 15> He continues to speed without losing control from the horse due to protest.

Genevieve: Slowed down and drew her pistol and took aim. The runelock hissed at the touch of the rain but continued to burn bright. Her aim was steady, though complicated by trying to shoot a moving target.

Pistol Shot: <Attack +1 vs. AC: 11. Disadvantage due to conditions and movement. She spends her Human talent to negate Disadvantage. Roll = 14. Hit! 1D6 = 3>

The Nightrider was grazed underneath the pit by the bullet. He grunted and gripped his side. The act required a riding check to maintain himself <Skill: +4 vs. TN: 12 w/ Disadvantage from injury. Result is: 15> - Despite the pain, the rider is able to maintain his position on the horse. He did slow down, as his body was hesitant to move in a momentary stake of shock. His movement slowed a new initiative had begun.

D20 + Move

Genevieve does not move. She instead quickly loads her pistol and fires a second shot. <Attack: +1 vs. AC 11 w/ Disadvantage = 13. Hit! Damage = 4>. The shot strikes the Nightrider in the shoulder <Does he fall? 75% Yes = 05% (Exceptional Yes!)>

The horse that carries the rider bucks in the air and sends the rider sprawling to the ground. The fall is a nasty spill <d4 damage = 2> reveals that he grazes a rock, causing a cut on his head. The Nightrider is very much in bad shape, but two bullet wounds will do that (HP: 4 / 13)

McIntyre: Rides up to the fallen body. He regards the fallen figure for a moment with the tilt of his head <Notice vs. Stealth. McIntyre has Notice +2 vs. Rider's Stealth +3 = 7 vs. 15>. As far as he can tell the Nightrider appears to be dead. He did take the precaution of drawing his saber as he began to approach. As he drew near the body he knelt and reached to roll the man over <Is McIntyre surprised? 65% Yes = 40%>

The Rider suddenly turns and attempted to stab McIntyre with a dagger! <D20 +2 vs. AC: 12. Advantage Nightrider = 8>. The blade appeared to be meshed in the chainmail without cutting the leather of McIntyre's vest. The sudden realization hits McIntyre who panics and stumbles back.

McIntyre: “Bastard!” He sneered as he gripped his saber.

D20 + Move

McIntyre: While staring into the grinning face of a fanatic, the Roadwarden went on the offensive. He swung his saber in a killing stroke <D20+1 vs. AC: 11 = 17. Hit! 1D6 = 4>. The blade buries itself into the Rider's neck. He withdrew the blade and slashed again, nearly severing the head from the body. The Nightrider certainly had the look, the all black and brass, but he appeared to lack the head for the job. Or so, McIntyre thought as it crumbled before him.

Genevieve's horse walked towards the scene as she reloaded her pistol. The rain had tapered off and she regarded the scene with a lean forward and a spit take, “What do you make of this one, Lionel?” She asked, using McIntyre's first name.
“Another terminal psychotic, lass. Unfortunately he managed to kill the stable hand who was tending to the horse there. He seemed pretty quick to leave town.”

Genevieve: “We'll find out soon enough.” She knelt and began to search the body <Notice +2 = 15>. Searching the body she manages to find a second dirk tucked in his clothes, a piece of parchment, and an amulet of red metal in the shape of the start sporting an eye in the middle. The piece appeared to be all metal with no precious stone or other ornamentation. “Do you know what this means?”

McIntyre: “Why ask me?” He asked. A touch of suspicion was in his voice.

Genevieve: “You get into the city more than I do.” She said.

McIntyre: Examined the metal piece for a moment. <Streetwise: +2 vs. TN: 15 = 10> While he cannot name it outright he does gain a certain feeling about the amulet, “It's something from the city. Something underground, but I don't know why it, or he, is this far out here.”

Genevieve: “We'll examine the rest when we get back to the wall, for now, let's tie him to the horse.”

<Weather Check – 6> The storm had tapered off into low hanging gray clouds that hovered overhead. A cool breeze felt welcomed against the humidity as the Roadwarden's tied down the body and proceeded back towards the distant walls of Grunewood.

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