Friday, September 14, 2018

Stage Magician Edge and Special Tricks

Full Disclosure: The Stage Magician originally comes from a user named Talisman from Savagepedia. I had some minor alterations that reflect the changes that I like from Flash Gordon.

Stage Magician

Requirements: Novice, Agility d6, Smarts d6, Persuasion d8, Perform d8

Your character is skilled at stage magic, the magic of misdirection, sleight of hand, and legerdemain. They gain +2 to Persuasion for the purposes of misdirecting a target, +2 to Perform when using their magic for entertainment purposes, and +2 to Thievery for the purposes of pick pocketing, planting objects, or palming items.

Besides having an Edge that gives you an excuse to wear a top hat, dress in a suit, and wander around with a cane. Here are a few tricks that could be conceived by using Thievery. Granted, most Tricks or Test of Wills are considered attribute checks, but the beauty of Savage Worlds is almost anything with the right GM permission can be re-purposed to perform special maneuvers. Let's look at a few.

The Knife or Pistol Slip
Roll: Thievery vs. Notice

The character has quietly drawn either a small blade or pocket pistol for the purposes of stepping in close and slipping the item into the target. The Trickster makes a Thievery (with possible modifiers from size of the object or environmental factors) vs. Notice. The following effects below are:

Success: Trickster has stepped in close and may make an immediate attack with a Partial Drop. This partial drop adds +2 to their Attack (often negating the -2 multi-action penalty) and +2 damage.

Raise: Trickster has stepped in almost like a ghost. He gains Drop (+4 Attack, +4 Damage) and makes a single attack against the target.

Failure: The Trickster is spotted before they can make their attack. Normal combat initiative is drawn. no Drop is rewarded.

Snake Eyes: The Trickster is not only spotted, but by misfortune has dropped their weapon (or had it knocked suddenly from their hand). Normal combat initiative is then drawn.

Tied Shoelaces
Roll: Thievery (-2) vs. Notice

The character has gotten close to the victim's shoes and with a difficult action manages to untie and retie target's shoestrings together.

Success: Trickster has target's shoestrings tied. If target attempts to move they make a Notice (-2) to notice their alter state, otherwise they must roll an Agility (-2) on a failure, the target gains the Distracted condition as they nearly fall and must disentangle themselves. On Snake Eyes, the target has fallen prone and gains the Distracted condition.

Raise: Same as above, however the Trickster has knotted the victim's shoe strings. It now requires another Agility (-2) to disentangle shoestrings (if they want to keep their shoes, that is).

Failure: Trickster is spotted by the victim and normal initiative is drawn.

Snake Eyes: Trickster is spotted due to an action such as having hand stepped or bumping their head. They must make a Vigor check or become Shaken. Normal initiative is drawn.

Exploding Pants
Roll: Thievery (-4) vs. Notice

The ultimate trick, and possibly the very last one if the trickster is not careful. This one involves planting a live grenade in the pockets or coat of their target. It is considered a very difficult situation as it requires the character to get in close and shove a somewhat sizable object on a person without being noticed.

Success: Victim has a live grenade in their pants! They may make an Agility (-4) action to remove and throw the device away, otherwise the grenade will explode on their person. Grenades often have an MBT or LBT area of effect, however the damage is treated as if the victim covered the grenade (i.e. they take double damage, but their Toughness is subtracted from the damage affecting other targets).

Raise: Victim has not noticed they have a LIVE GRENADE in their pants! The grenade explodes before they can remove it. The grenade's area of effect still stands, however the grenade is treated as covered by the victim.

Failure: The trickster is caught by the subject. There is a 50% chance the trickster has already pulled the pin to the grenade. Normal combat initiative is drawn.

Snake Eyes: The trickster has Dropped! the grenade. There is a 50% chance the grenade's pin was pulled. If pin is pulled GM may wish to draw a special initiative card that represents when the grenade goes off for that round. There is a chance it affects both targets due to the trickster's carelessness and there is a chance both trickster and victim can get out of the blast radius.

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