Thursday, December 6, 2018

Zephyr Crew

Zephyr Crew

Brief: Traversing the Known World via nautical and airship are members of the Zephyr Crew. This is an order of explorers and adventurers with an interest in mapping out the hidden parts of the world. To put description and name on maps where currently 'here be dragons' are placed. The Crew is accepting of all races, classes, and genders into its fold. Saragal Brunt is a Half-Orc sea captain who ship, The Gray Lady, is a major supporter of the Crew. Jabeddo the Bard is a Gnome who pilots an airship with that same gusto for exploration.

By Skyways! By Seawaves! We'll Be There!

  • Exploration is one of the keys of knowledge. Discovery is a reward waiting beyond the locked door that requires one of the keys of knowledge to open.
  • The highest aspiration, beyond even treasure, is removing a cloud of ignorance on the physical world by charting and cataloging it.
  • Fund and train explorers and crews to go forth, explore distant lands, acquire facts and samples, then return. The discoveries found will be added to Zephyr's Guide to the Known World for future travelers.
  • Raise money for the greater organization by selling guides or recovered antiquities to authorized buyers, such as museums or patrons of knowledge.
  • Aid independent adventurers in need by giving them what supplies can be spared, a ride on vehicle, or at least directions to the nearest safe have or clearing. You never know when the adventurers will be around to return the favor.
  • Explore a rumored waterfall up ahead. Locals tell of legends that both fortune and danger can be found at the site.
  • Come to the aid of a stricken vessel either in the air or at sea. It appears that there is a danger among the survivors that needs to be sorted out.
  • Recover an antique taken by a thief under the employ of a wealthy patron. That item belongs in a museum!

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