Thursday, January 10, 2019

Selection Series: Jairie Lightstone - Dwarven Warlord

Jairie and Rendford's pre-ceremony pose.
Name: Jairie Lightstone

Race: Dwarf / Class: Warlord / Level: 5 / Background: Nobility

Strength: 18 (+4)
Dexterity: 12 (+1)
Mind: 17 (+3)

Info: Proficiency Bonus: +3 / AC: 18 (Field Plate +1) / HP: 65 / Current HP:

Physical: +6
Dodge: +1
Will: +3

Physical: +3
Subterfuge: +0
Knowledge: +0
Communication: +3

Common Skills: Athletics (Str/Dex): +7/+4, Notice (Mind): +3, Persuade (Mind): +6, 
Intimidate (Str): +7, Ride (Dex): +4, Lore - Nobility (Mind): +6, Lore - Local (Mind): +3, 
Stealth (Dex): +1

Combat: Melee: +7 / Ranged: +4 / Magic: +6

Attacks: Warhammer of Alfi (+1 Warhammer): Attk: +8, D: 1d12+5
Shortsword: Attk: +7, D: 1d6+4
Pistol: Attk: +4, D: 1d10+1, RoF: 1, R: Near

Traits: Dwarf (1/day): Slow movement. Normal size. Darkvision. Has Advantage on Saves vs. Poison. Once per day, a Dwarf may re-roll a failed Poison, Disease, or Magic Save and take the better of the two rolls. It requires a Long Rest to recharge this ability. Gain +1 bonus HP per level.

Great Weapon Fighter: Re-roll any 1's or 2's first rolled by a Fighter with a two-handed weapon. The Fighter must take the secondary results, even if they come up a 1 or 2 again.

Multiple Attacks: Starting at 5th level a Fighter may make 2 attacks per round.

Warlord Abilities: Superiority Dice: d8 / # of Dice: 4 / Save: 15 / Current Dice:

Commander's Strike: Spend one dice to sacrifice your attack to allow an ally that can see and hear you to make a devastating attack. If the attack is successful you roll your Superiority Dice and add it to your allies weapon damage.

Maneuvering Attack: Spend one dice to not only devastate a target by adding your Superiority Dice to damage. At the same time, an ally who can see and hear you can move at half-speed. They are immune to attacks of opportunity as they move.

Rally: Spend one dice to allow one ally to heal their Superiority Dice + Mind to the limit of their current maximum HP.

-Jairie Lightstone is the Dame-Protector of a Valley region known as Alfi. While her father is technically the Thane, she is the true power and speaks on his behalf to other Dwarven clans and outsiders of the Alfi region.

-Married Rendford Greymountain, the heir of one of the Lightstone's allied banner houses. While her marriage is partially one of political importance to further secure the allegiance of another family, Jairie admits that she married Rendford because 'he keeps his opinions between me and him, and he's a good cuddler.'

-Currently working to expand the reach of Alfi outside the borders of her valley. While much of her land is surrounded by either rival Dwarven families, monsters, rebellious Human subjects, she has an ambition to form a new kingdom that overthrows to the current Dwarven regime and set up a more egalitarian regime. One ruled by her, of course.

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