Saturday, January 12, 2019

Krevborna: Ravenfolk


Brief: Cursed by witches at birth, Ravenfolk are a race of avian-humanoid hybrids. It is a terrible thing for a Ravenfolk to be born. They often begin life with a small hard beak, red eyes, and a pale body with clawed feet. It is said that witches sometimes kidnapped young maidens to impregnate them with the essence of Ravenfolk so as to ensure the child is born and nurtured by witches. As they mature, the Ravenfolk's beak grows further out and his once pale skin takes on a black or dark purple plumage. Ravenfolk are common in the area around Hemlock, but rogue Ravenfolk have made their way to Lamashtu, Piskaro, and Creedhall. They generally avoid Chancel, as the folk of Chancel view Ravens as an ill omen, and the witch spawn of Ravens and Humans are treated accordingly.

As a Player Character... A Ravenfolk PC is typically a rogue Ravenfolk who has either run from an unhappy home or escaped the witch they served. They are typically raised as Fighters to scout and protect their cruel matrons. It is always possible, of course, that a Ravenfolk could get their hands on tomes of power or make a pact with an entity in order to gain power (and vengeance) on their hated makers. Ravenfolk Druids tend to try to seek balance and peace with what they have become, while Ravenfolk Clerics hope that by living Saintly life may cure them of their affliction.

Ravenfolk use Aarakocra stats from Elemental Evil Player's Companion


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