Monday, February 11, 2019

Kyna: Red Knives

Red Knives

Rep: A Human-centric faction that seeks to rid the Borderlands of non-humanoid inhabitants. Universally opposed by almost any non-Human or good aligned Human in the region.

Words: Our Will in Blood

Brief: Formed shortly after the foundation of the Borderlands by exiles and native Humans to the region, the Red Knives are a group of brigands, bandits, and raiders whose stated goal is to rid the Borderlands of Humanoids. The Knives are known as a bane to both non-Humans, who are hunted down and either slain or enslaved by the group and Humans, who are taxed by the group. Many cities have posted notices that citizens discovered to be Red Knives will be hanged due to the depredations of the ground. The Red Knives use a former Elven fortress and a network of caverns as their redoubt.

  • The Borderlands should belong to Humanity after fighting and dying against the Elves.
  • Direct enemies such as Elves should be slain on sight. All other non-Human groups can serve under the dominance of Humanity.
  • Today the battle is within the Borderlands. One day the Red Knives shall take the fight to the Elven homeland in the south.
  • Humanocentric domination of the region known as The Borderlands and to establish a Human monarchy under their leader, the currently hidden Scarlet Knight.
  • The expulsion, execution, and enslavement of all non-Humans in the region.
  • Raid a Red Knife hideout to recovery an object stolen or take treasures for the party's own gain.
  • Rescue a person or persons captured by the Red Knives and see their safe return.
  • Scout their fortress and caverns, the Sanguine Complex. Possibly confront and assassinate the Scarlet Knight.

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