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Knightly Orders: Dragon Knights

Dotting the Known World are several knightly bands dedicated to one of the most powerful creatures of the realm: Dragons. These orders may directly serve a draconic patron or there is something about a certain dragonscale that appeals to these men and women. The opinion on these knights varies from dragon-to-dragon. Some see the Knighthoods as a useful tool, particularly if the knights are interested in serving a dragon instead of slaying them for their scales. Others could care less that an order of mortals are going around with their scale color on their banners, as long as they don't bother them. Below are a set of samples, one per scale color.

Children of the Scale

Scale Color: Black

Rep: Knighthood made by orphaned children and raised by a black dragon. Are known to be conquerors.

Brief: The Children of the Scale is a knighthood consisting of runaways, outcasts, and orphans who have been taken in and raised by a powerful black dragon who lost her first clutch of eggs to adventurers in her early life. Now that she is preparing to give birth again, the Dragon is determined to see her children born and is using the Knighthood that she has nurtured to defend her realm. Besides defending her realm, the Black Dragon wishes to expand its reach outward to create a set of united lands both in and around the morass domain that she claims. Her knighthood consists mainly of Humans and actively fights against Men and Elves of the region.

Storm Knights

Scale Color: Blue

Rep: A combination of Knighthood and operators of both banking and merchant houses. All of which is in place to make a Blue Dragon money.

Brief: Founded by a powerful blue dragon who lived in a nearby sea cave. The dragon turned sellswords and rogue knights into a band that could fulfill martial contracts as well as operating a number of banking houses along the Storm Coast. Current Storm Knights are known for their professionalism and good credit as all of their notes are backed by dragon gold. The Blue elder has very little desire for territory gains, enjoying instead the material wealth that is brought in by the interest payments made on the loans he has given. Those who refuse to pay are soon visited by well trained Knights who may be under orders to take everything. Storm Knights Humans, Elves, and Half-Elves in their ranks.

Bough Knights

Scale Color: Green

Rep: A collection of Elves, Half-Elves, and Dragonkin who hunt greens for their powers and their scales.

Brief: While carrying the image of a green dragon upon their banners, Bough Knights are known to hunt, not serve dragons. Their belief is that dragon scales (especially the green dragons native to Knight's forest realm) contain a great deal of magical energy the Knights could use to forge weapon, armors, or as spell reagents. The Order spends its time controlling the Glass Forest and hunting down dragons when they can. Their current prey is an elder green whose fury may yet change Glass Forest forever if not hunted with care.

Clan Ashstone

Scale Color: Red

Rep: A Dwarven Clan who is in partnership with a red dragon. Seizing communities along the mountain and trading gold they've mind for dragon forged metals.

Brief: Originally an outcast Clan in the greater Dwarven community. Clan Ashstone is part clan, part knighthood that has made a pact with an elder red dragon. The bargain is a portion of treasure for the dragon's horde in exchange for the red's fiery breath to aid in the forging of rare metals into weapons and armors. The Clan's military arm, its Knighthood are terrors and conquerors to nearby Dwarven citadels and surface cities. The Clan and its knights are made almost exclusively of Knights. Some of the knights are known to ride smaller red dragons into battle.

The White Watch

Scale Color: White

Rep: Exile knighthood charged with defending the realm from a powerful elder dragon named Old White and its horde of demi-humans that attack the northern walls.

Brief: Formed of outcast Humans, exiled Elves, Half-Orcs, and Dragonkin. The White Watch is an order of dragon knights dedicated to resisting the attacks of an elder white dragon named Old White. That of course isn't his name, but it's the closest that any man has came to learn it as very little text speaks of the bone white dragon's history or its real (and probably very long) name. Resisting Old White also means resisting its brood of smaller whites as well as a number of humanoids in its employ. Orcs, ogres, frostlings, and dragonkin every great while march against the walls of the north and have to be repulsed by the Watch.

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