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THJ: Gnomes & Guns

The Hero's Journey is by James M. Spahn

I'm not sure if I reviewed The Hero's Journey on the Embassy. I will say, I really like the cover to the book. Between this and White Star, I think Spahn both writes very good product and has very good production values. Unfortunately, there are no playable Gnomes in the rules of The Hero's Journey. I plan to rectify that with this post.


Brief: Gnomes are the cousin to Dwarves and in terms of height stand halfway between a Dwarf and a Halfling. They tend to have short beards, emphasizing mustaches and goatees rather than longer styles of facial hair like their cousins. Their builds are often wiry, though the thicker exceptions are more common amongst Gnomes than they are Halflings. Gnomes are known for their expertise in tinkering, alchemy, jewelcrafting, and artificer science. If it involves a touch of magic, a Gnome will have at least a passing knowledge on the matter. Within a Dwarven community, Gnomes are looked upon to provide both practical and occult knowledge for the good of the Citadel. They gladly aid their Dwarven cousins in this endeavor and are rewarded with shelter, supply, and respect. There is often at least one Gnome who sits on a Thane's inner council.

Strength: 2d6+6
Dexterity: 2d6+1
Constitution: 3d6
Intelligence: 3d6
Willpower: 2d6+1
Charisma: 3d6
Appearance: 3d6
Luck: 2d6+6

Class & Level Limits (If you use them)
Acrobat: 7
Bard: 10
Cleric: 4
Duelist: 3
Fighter: 4
Jester: 7
Thief: 5
Wizard: 7

Artificer [4-in-6]: Gnomes have at least a passing knowledge in the craftsmanship of Potions, Gems, Jewelry, and Magical Items. When they get their hands on these items they have a chance to identify the general properties of the items and the value of the item.

Gnomish Cunning: +4 Saving Throws vs. Charm and Illusion magic. Gnomes' have complex minds that are difficult to fool or charm.

Gunslinger: Gnomes are the first designers of the firearm along with the Dwarves. They perfected the accelerant known as Red Powder that is needed for the pistol to fire and propel the bullet. They gain a +2 on all to-hit rolls made with Firearms. Gnomes are proficiency with the Pistol regardless of set class restrictions.

Starlight Vision: Gnomes have supernatural vision, but it is not as strong as their Dwarven kin. Gnomes can see as easily in starlight or moonlight as they can in daylight. They are still blinded by total or magical darkness.

Firearm Notes

Brief: Of course, this version of Gnomes would not do unless there were some firearm rules in play. Below is a table that lists the three types of firearms found in the Known World. A few common rules.

1) Firearms are the most damaging weapons, but they make a lot of noise when discharged. That is the trade off one must make. They could use a two-handed Heavy Crossbow that is silent. They could also do the same amount of damage holding a one-handed pistol, but everything in the area is going to clearly hear the weapon go off like a crack of thunder in a dungeon or building.
2) All firearms use Red Powder. An alchemical substance often found during mining excavations. Kingdoms, Lords, and Guilds are paying high prices in order to gain access to the wonder chemical.

3) Firearms are mechanically complex, but are functionally simple weapons. Almost any class can wield the Pistol. Muskets and Blunderbusses may require more martial training at the GM's discretion.

2d6 / 1d6
30 ft. / 50 ft.
45 gp
100 ft.
60 gp
60 ft.
30 gp

Special Note
Blunderbuss: Blunderbusses are dangerous at close ranger. At 30 ft. the Blunderbuss deals 2d6 damage. From 31 to 50 ft. the spread of the Blunderbuss is too wide and deals only 1d6 damage.

Hero's Journey - The Roleplaying Game that these rules are based on by James M. Spahn

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