Tuesday, July 9, 2019

5e Spelljammer: Dralasite


Brief: You are a member of a Wildspace race that, as the great Elven philosopher, Kerendas once said: "Goo with legs." You are actually sentient protoplasm that covers a stringy membrane of a nervous system. If a portion of the membrane is detached from the whole, as in if an arm is cut off from one Dralasite, the detached portion can grow into a new Dralasite. In fact, Dralasite procreation is a controlled separation from the Dralasite's mass that forms a smaller Dralasite.

As a culture, Dralasite have no unified planet. Their legends say that they were once part of a single planet made of the protoplasm until one day, the planet blew apart, and the individuals that flew into void formed into separate bodies and became Dralasite. Current day Dralasite are travelers, either on the move until they can find somewhere to settle down. They are a common site in space ports, ships, and asteroid colonies. Their plasm color tone can range from shades of gray to dull or cool brown tones. A Dralasite's head is always noted as a lump with a pair of glowing silvery orbs that are exposed optical membrane. Dralasite technically have no physical genders, though their personality can change from what might be considered 'male' or 'female' over time.

Attributes: +2 Constitution, +1 Intelligence

Size: Dralasites are roughly 4 to 5 ft. tall. Due to their build, they are considered medium.

Armor Restriction: Wearable equipment, such as armor, has to often be built to order for the Dralasite. This typically doubles the price and halves the value, unless the Dralasite is dealing with other Dralasite. Technically, a Dralasite can morph their body to fit in normal armor, doing this prevents them from using their elasticity trait (See Below).

Darkvision: Can see in total darkness up to 60 ft. in grayscale.

Movement Speed: 25 ft.

Scent: Dralasite's skin has several sensitive olfactory nodes. They breath through their skin. They begin play with Proficiency (Perception).

Elasticity: At any time a Dralasite may have a number of 'limbs' active on their person equal to 5 + Dexterity Bonus. These limbs may take the form as vestigial arms or legs. The excess arms are not as capable as the Dralasite's dominant arms, they cannot be used to make attacks, but they can be used to hold items for the Dralaite - such as an extra weapon or a potion that allows the Dralasite to use said item as a bonus action instead of a move action. If the Dralasite has 3+ legs active, they gain an Advantage to resist Grappling checks. This effect is cancelled if the Dralasite has to form their body into a specific shape, such as to fit in a set of magical armor that they like.

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