Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Item: Shoulder Mounted Cannon

"I see our method is one of blood and smoke." - Jabeddo the Mage

"Don't get mopey because I got us into the temple first. You'll have plenty of time to use your magic." Krixus after firing his shoulder cannon

Shoulder Mounted Cannon
Proficiency Type: Exotic Ranged
Range: Far
Damage: 2d12
Reload: 1/3
Special: Building Buster; Explosive (DC: 15), Special Requirements: Size or Strength

Building Buster: When targeting a building, damage from a shoulder mounted cannon ignores any hardness properties from most material. Exceptions include metals such as Adamantine or Magical Reinforcements.

Explosive (Reflex 15): When targeting individual characters, gunners are actually aiming for the ground near the target, not the target themselves. They roll an attack against an AC: 10. Targets within a 10 ft' radius must make a Reflex save for 1/2 damage.

Special Requirements (Size or Strength): This weapon is bulky and its heavy metal casing is hard on the shoulder. The optimal wielder includes Large or large built creatures (such as Minotaur) or medium characters with a 16+ Strength. A Character who is neither suffers a -4 shooting penalty. This is cumulative if the character has lacks proficiency with the weapon.