Wednesday, September 4, 2019

No, I'm not dead. I've just been playing Classic WoW

Had to remove some of this from around my door

It seems like every once in a while I vanish from the blogging scene. A lot of times this is accompanied by me deleting everything on the blog, but I am making great progress in resisting my self-destructive tendencies. Suffice to say, I've been away after falling under the effects of cold which made me irritable and lazy. I have also been playing a roleplaying game on the side called World of Warcraft: Classic.

How can WoW: Classic really be considered a role-playing game? I would argue that it along with roughly the first two expansions: Burning Crusade & Wrath of the Lich King, WoW had several roots in tabletop rpgs. It may not have mimicked one-for-one its ancestors, but there were elements from the game that could be traced back to the source. Such as:

Ragnaros, the Fire Lord
Attributes: Modern WoW still has attributes of a sort, but generally center around only one or two attributes in the game. Playing a modern WoW hunter, the only stats the games shows me is my agility score and the sub-groups that affect my ability. WoW Classic assigns a set (an array if you will) to several attribute scores which closely resemble their D&D counterparts such as: Strength, Agility (Dexterity for table-top), Stamina (Constitution), Spirit (Wisdom), and Intelligence. Granted, as a computer game with fixed interaction, they dumped off Charisma entirely. A limitation to the computer game that I will grant.

Dungeons & Travel: WoW Classic's connection to table top could be seen by the method in which one goes about getting into a dungeon. You do not simply teleport into one (like current WoW) you actually have to walk on the dungeons. Every step you take brings with it a chance for a random encounter. Of course, the encounters in WoW are much... much more frequent.

Emphasis on the Party: Okay, this connection is a little more tenuous. You want a party in D&D, because you are probably playing with friends. D&D is a social game of make-believe, and while possible solo, it really shines when you and your friends go forth to perform feats of derring-do. WoW in both it's current and classic state doesn't outright say you need a party, or a party of your friends. In the case of WoW Classic it's just highly advised you team up in order to quickly accomplish the objective. I will say, in this modern age, it is a lot easier for friends to get together to play WoW. Services like Discord make organization and VOIP much more convenient compared to the electronic voiced Teamspeaks of yesteryear.

Alright, I guess I'm done shilling WoW enough that if I was getting a check, it would have probably been cleared. I do plan to get back into blogging when I feel I have something to blog about. I will say, in terms of gaming, I have been enjoying 5e when I can play and view it generally as a happy medium between the older editions that fascinated me (especially 2e) and the more modern mechanics that I enjoyed from the 3rd edition era. I would also like to say, when I'm in a tinkering mood, that I really enjoy Microlite5e still. I won't say it'll be 5e from here on out, but don't be surprise if you see more of that content come out of the Gnomish Embassy.

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