Thursday, February 13, 2020

Creature: Cupid

In honor of Valentine's Day, I present one of the few monsters of love that you may want to fight. Particularly if you are not interested in a relationship at this time...

Type: Fae
HD: 6d6 (24)
Initiative: +7
Attk: +8
Skills: Phys: +6 / Subterfuge: +9 / Knowledge: +6 / Communication: +6
Saves: Fort: +8 / Dodge: +10 / Will: +9
Notes: Natural Invisibility, SR: 16

Cupid's Bow: +8 / D: 1d3 / R: Far / Special: Enchanting

-Enchanting: When target is struck by a cupid's arrow, in to its non-lethal damage, target must make a Will Save (Mind + Know) vs. DC: 19. On a failure, the target becomes Enchanted and will be romantically drawn to a Humanoid they have a latent attraction to. The target will drop all activity in order to woo and enter a consensual affair with the target of their possibly unrequited love.

-Cupids are fae from the Immortal court and serve the Countess of Love. This Fae lord believes it is her mission to spread aspects of love, specifically romantic and carnal love across the spheres of existence and she uses the Cupid as her agents to accomplish this goal.

-Cupids can at times be mischievous, striking one target to get them to fall madly in love, but declining to strike the other to create a comedy of errors. This is considered highly rude by the Countess and cupids walk a fine line who engage in this activity. 

-All cupids carry with them a vial of bitter tears that breaks their enchantment. There are only a few ways to get around a Cupid's power: using the spell Break Enchantment, fulfilling the enchantment by sharing a lover's kiss, or capturing the cupid and getting its vial of the tears to drink.

-Cupids enjoy patrolling lake sides, glades, and trails lined with shady boughs in order to find traveling adventurers to enchant. Few cupids enjoy the urban environment, though reports have surfaced of love attacks along docksides or under street lamps in the rain.

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