Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Alignment Characters - Lawful Evil

Name: Captain Rikkan Hux
Race: Tortle / Class: Pirate / Level: 5 / Alignment: Lawful Evil

Str: 18 (+3)
Dex: 13 (+1)
Mind: 15 (+2)

Physical: +5
Subterfuge: +8
Knowledge: +5
Communication: +5

Fort: +8
Ref: +4
Will: +7

Info: AC: 13 / Attk: +5 / HP: 36

Attacks: Cutlass: Attk: +8 / D: 1d6+3
Pistol: Attk: +6 / D: 1d12+1 / R: Near / RoF: 1/2
Knife: Attk: +8 / D: 1d4+3 / R: Thrown

Tortle: Slow movement. Medium height. Tortles have Darkvision allowing them to see in total darkness in a greyscale. They gain +1 AC due to toughened skin that is cumulative with worn armor. They are also amphibious and may remain underwater for up to Str x 3 in rounds.

Sneak Attack: If a Rogue surprises a foe, such as with a successful Sneak roll (Dex + Subterfuge), they may make an attack that adds their Subterfuge rank in damage. Current damage bonus: +8

Dual Wield: May wield a light weapon off-hand without penalty and may add their full attribute bonus to their attack.

-Rikkan is a Tortle pirate who may be greedy, but holds to a strict code: rob from the thieves. He views it beneath him to rob from honest men when it is the thieves in his dockside town that have all the money. Unfortunately for the honest men, Rikkan generally believes in keeping the proceeds for himself and not sharing his acquired loot with those who have been robbed.

-Has a soft spot for children and Tortles. He will spend a few coins on sweets or give a little money to help one of his kind. At the same time, those who cross them may find themselves shot or stabbed in the back by a lumbering pirate with scaly seamfoam green skin.

-When not coursing through his dockside town, Rikkan is often at sea as a crewmember. He serves as general crew or quartermaster due to his keen mind. He is mindful not to be too mischievous when aboard a ship as any minor mischief can result in serious reprisal. When wishing the rob, Rikkan will join in taking the loot from attacked vessel. Given his code, he generally advises attacking against fishing boats or what appears to be poorer merchants, concentrating on pirates or Company Vessels.

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