Monday, April 6, 2020

Alignment Characters - Lawful Neutral

Name: Rafnir Blackforge

Race: Dwarf, Dark Iron / Class: Paladin (5) / Background: Acolyte / Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Str: 17 (+3)
Dex: 12 (+1)
Mind: 14 (+2)

Physical: +3
Subterfuge: +0
Knowledge: +3
Communication: +0

Fort: +6
Ref: +1
Will: +2

Info: AC: 16 (Chainmail) / HP: 49 / MP: 21

Greataxe: Attk: +6 / D: 1d12+3 / R: Melee
Shortsword: Attk: +6 / D: 1d6+3
Dagger: Attk: +6 / D: 1d4+3 / R: Thrown

Dark Iron: Medium size. Slow speed. Deepvision.

Heart of the Mountain: Gains an Advantage on Saves vs. Fire-based spells and effects. Dark Irons also have Resistance to Fire-based damage.

Divine Sense (3/Short Rest): For 1 minute the Paladin can sense nearby celestials, fiends, and undead.

Divine Smite (3-7 Points; Long Rest): Can channel to imbue your weapon with radiant fire that deals 1d8 points of damage per spell level spent. 3 points adds +1d8 damage while 5 points adds +2d8 damage, and 7 points adds +3d8 damage. This requires a Long Rest to recharge points.

Lay on Hands (25 Points; R: Touch; Long Rest): Can touch target character and heal them from the Paladin's healing pool in increments of 5. This requires a Long Rest to recharge the Paladin's healing pool.

Paladin Magic: Mana: 21 / Magic Attk: +5 / Saving Throw: 13 / Spell Level: 2
Bless (R: Near / D: Scene / Cost: 3): Paladin and up to 3 allies add a bonus 1d4 to Attack Rolls and Saving Throws for the duration. The caster adds +1 ally for each spell level they spend over the 1st

Flash Healing (R: Near / D: Instant / Cost: 3): Target ally is healed 1d4+2 at range. The caster adds +1d4 healing dice roll for each spell level spent above 1st.

Shield of Faith (R: Caster / D: Scene / Cost: 3): Caster gains +2 AC for the duration of the spell.

Seal of Judgement (R: Caster / D: Scene / Cost: 5): Caster imbues themselves with a Seal of Judgement. Each attack they make adds +1d4 damage to the total. This bonus damage is considered radiant for the purposes of resistance. The caster adds +1d4 damage for each spell level spent above 2nd level.

-Rafnir is a Dark Iron Paladin, also known as Judge within the Shadowforge Diocese. Paladins within Shadowforge City are grave soldiers of the Light, peacekeepers, and the protectors of the Queen-Regent. Their molten eyes are always narrowed in their never ending conflict with the forces of chaos or treason.

-While the traditional weapon of the a Paladin is the hammer, Rafnir prefers the justice of the axe. His weapon use has earned him the moniker 'Headsmen' for his service and habit of taking the heads of treasonous twilight.

-Is Lawful Neutral and at times Lawful Good. Though his manner can be severe and his methods grim, Rafnir despises the ravages of twilight and wishes to defend the innocent when he is able. He attempts to be a model of Dark Iron Paladinhood.

-Is a Jewelcrafter rather than a smith as a side hobby. He knows his way around a beveler to shape stones to set in bezels of gold or silver. He favors bright gems that remind him of the fiery heart of the mountain such as ruby or topaz, which are also popular gems with Dark Iron nobility. He would be considered a middling talent.

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