Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Mansion Part 4 - Pirate Raid

Mansion #4

The two barges had become parallel to each other in the center of the lake. Unlike a scene on the high seas with cannons cracking off, launching ball and shot upon their neighboring ship, the action on the Marsh was subdued to tethering lines, bows, and daggers drawn by rival crews. The raider was made of a crew similar to that of the Sharpe: Goblins and Ratfolk both worked the Marsh in legitimate enterprise and blighted the region with piracy.

Joining the crew of the Sharpe was an adventuring party.

<Initiative Rolls from Highest to Lowest: Annalise: 24, Valkira 23, Nora 16, Raina 15, Grolys 11, GM: 1>

<d20+1 = 11 vs. AC: 12> - Annalise napped in the carriage when the first shouts began. A light sleeper, she was up quick with a half-cocked musket at her side. Standing from the carriage, it took no time to realize that a vessel waving a pirate flag had approached for a raid. She lifted the rifled musket and squeezed for a shot! The round smashed into a lantern near a Goblin's head. Other than a few errant shards, the Goblin was unharmed.

Valkira remained behind the gunwale with her sword drawn. She delayed her action until one of the Goblins had crossed over. "Do you have them in sight, Nora?"

<How many pirates are in the crew? There are at least 6 + 1d6 for a total of: 9. At least 3 are dedicated to working the ship rather than actual fighting>

<Does Nora have her bow with her? 1d20+1 vs. TN 10 = 7>

Nora paled as she knew that her bow was not strapped to her back. Looking at her Master, she said: "I'll have them in sight in a moment." She sprinted behind the carriage, frowning at the soft whinny of the horses. The cries and shouts of the crews were an exacerbation to the horses nerves. They had yet to panic, but Nora imagined no good would come of it.

<Raina spends 3 Mana points, lowering her total from 7 to 4 in conjuring 3 Frost Bolts. Her attack rolls are d20+1 for totals of: 15, 8, and 18. Two hits! Damages are 2d6 to respective targets #1 and #3: 6 & 8 vs. HP 4 - 2 Kills>

Raina had also used the carriage for a place of rest and meditation. Her gaze flicked over her shoulder at the first change of the wind during the initial approach. She appeared from around the of the carriage, her robes flowing after her as her eyes glowed with an eldritch arcane blue light. The fingers of her right hand were out stretched as she gathered an orb of frost energy that writhed and pulsed at the surging power she collected. She pointed her hand towards the ship, shards of conjured frost launched from her hand towards the ship. Two of the pirates were caught in the stomach and the chest, felling them from the moment of impact. A third shard hit the side of the ship and remained briefly before the heat of the day turned the bolt into water.

<Does Grolys have his bow? d20+1 vs. TN 10 = 6>

Grolys cursed his wish to travel light for the moment, leaving his pack and his bow in the carriage. He clambered down the steps from the barge's forecastle to the main deck, dodging Goblin and Ratfolk who grabbed whatever they could to line the walls. He rushed towards the carriage and called out, "Can someone find my pack in there?"

<At the start of the GM's turn, both ship crews engage in a combination of attack and boarding action. This will be represented by a roll-off with the Sharpe's side rolling first before the Pirates. The results are respectively thus: 13 & 9>

The two ships remained in contact for a little longer with arrows flying on both sides. The crew of the Sharpe were either inspired by the conduct of the party (or were motivated to protect their lives, having been paid handsomely by their Elven benefactor). The arrows of the Sharpe were truer than the Pirates. Bilgerats had shafts sticking from arms or chests, their bodies hitting the deck either as dead or wounded. The replying arrows struck more of the ship's side rather than a hit a crew member. A paint job would have been required for the vessel, but otherwise the Sharpe emerged unscathed. At a narrow channel of the Marsh, the Sharpe broke contact and sailed for cover of the shadowy mist that lay ahead.

"Someone get the horses calmed," Captain Lask said, "We should be out of trouble for now." If there were any cries of the wounded from the pirate's barge, it had been swallowed by the looming mangrove trees and the grey mist that they had sailed into.