Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Wererat - Harold Greely


Name: Harold Greely
Background: Human/Were-creature (Rat) / Focus: Charisma / Level: 4

Str: 16 / +3
Dex: 16 / +3
Mind: 14 / +2
Cha: 16 / +3

Phys: +5
Subt: +5
Know: +4
Comm: +5
Tech: +4

Fort: +8
Ref: +8
Will: +6

Info: AC: 13 / Ini: +3 / BtH: +4 / HP: 30

Sawed-Off: Attk: +7 / D: 1-3d6 / R: Near / RoF: 1-2 / Special: Shot

Hatchet: Attk: +7 / D: 1d6+3 / R: Thrown

Claws / Bite (Wererat-only): Attk: +7 / D: 1d6+4 / R: Melee

Gear: Spare Clothes, Flask, Timepiece / Wealth: +1 (Comfortable)

Traits (Wererat): Medium size. Normal speed. Low Light Vision. Shapeshift (3/day): Three times per day, the character may shift into the form of a Wererat. While in this state, the wererat gains the following benefits: +2 AC, Claw/Bite attack, DR: 10 (Weakness: Silver), Climbing (+4), Darkvision. Any bites or claws made against a mundane Human has a chance to turn the Human into a Were.

Nocturnal Connection: Can automatically use their shapeshifting ability at Night. The influence of the sun makes it difficult to make the same change during the day. A Wererat who wishes to shift in the daylight must make a Phys + Str (+8) vs. TN: 15 (Afternoon) / TN: 20 (Dawn / Morning)

Connections (5/day): Five times per day, a Charming character can call upon a friend or business associate for help. The extent of the help is determined by the GM, but can include gaining information, requesting assistance, requesting resources. In the event that failure is possible, but not outright stated, the character may roll a Negotiate roll (Cha + Comm) vs. a set TN to get what they wanted.

Taunt (4/day): Instead of making a normal attack in a round, the Charmer can make a Cha + Comm vs. Will (Mind + Know) roll. If the target fails in their Save by rolling lower than the Taunt roll, they are reckless and suffer a -2 on all rolls for a number of rounds equal to the Charmer's Level + Cha bonus. A Saving Throw that beats the Taunt roll by 5+ is immune to further taunt attempts for the rest of the scene.


  • Harold 'Harry' Greely is a Wererat living in a city of stone roses and stained glass. Like many Wererats, Harold is an information broker. His trade is rumors, pilfered documents, and the ability to make contacts among various factions that operate in the city in order to sell whatever he has learned to his clients. He does this to support his Warren in which he falls under a Rat King or Rat Queen.
  • When in his wererat state, Harold's fur appears to be a soft grey color, which blends well with the stone buildings of the City. Harold is cautious about whom he bites or claws, as any such attack has a chance of creating another Wererat.
  • Dislikes Vampires due to a previous crime committed against either him or his warren. It was Harold that sold out the location of Cassandra's Master to the Hunters in exchange for money. In the list of targets on the Hunter's list, wererats are considered low priority.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Mage - Winston Banneker


Name: Winston Banneker
Background: Human / Focus: Smart / Level: 5

Str: 15 / +2
Dex: 14 / +2
Mind: 18 / +4
Cha: 12 / +1

Phys: +4
Subt: +6
Comm: +5
Know: +8
Tech: +5

Fort: +6
Ref: +6
Will: +12

Info: AC: 12 / Ini: +2 / BtH: +5 / HP: 38

Revolver: Attk: +7 / D: 2d6+1 / R: Near / RoF: 1

Unarmed Strike: Attk: +7 / D: 1d3+2 / R: Melee

Sap: Attk: +7 / D: 1d6+2 / R: Melee / Special: Stun, Non-Lethal

Wand of Frost Bolts: Attk: +9 / D: 2d6 / R: Far / RoF: 3

Gear: Forensics' Kit, Magnifying Glass, Spell Component Pouch, Pipe, Reading Glasses / Wealth: $130

Traits (Human): Medium size. Normal speed. Normal vision. Extra Effort (3/day): Three times per day, a Human may roll a 1d6 die and added it in cumulation with any d20 made (Attack, Attribute, Save, or Skill).

Research (8/day, +4): 8 times per day, the character may add a bonus equal to half their level, round up + 1 per every other special ability they possess to any non-combat skill roll. The character knows a little bit of everything, either due to a savant intelligence, or the years they spent in academia studying various fields throughout their life.

Magic: The Character has access to magical spells, see below.

Banneker Magic
Attack: +9 / Save: 19 / Mana Points: 9

1st Level (Cost 1): Detect Magic, Frost Bolt, Floating Disc, Light, Mage Armor, Mage Hand, Read Magic

2nd Level (Cost 2): Detect Thoughts, Invisibility, Knock, Scorching Ray

3rd Level (Cost 3): Arcane Orb, Dispel Magic


  • While under the guise of a consulting detective for the civil constabulary, Winston is actually a Warden. This is a Magician dedicated to preserving the peace and arbitrating disputes throughout the supernatural territory. He is considered a mid-grade agent with some skill in deduction, augmented by his selection of spells.
  • Is aware that a new cell of hunters have arrived in the city. The death of Cassandra Pryce's master, along with other supernaturals, has stoked tensions throughout the city. It is Bannker's job to find and put a stop to the matter before one side or the other starts openly fighting within the city.
  • Is aware of the death of Pryce's maker and lover. Is unaware that the dead vampire made another vampire before being burned to death.
  • Prefers bow ties over ascots or cravats. Banneker has several matching selections to go with his various suit jackets and frock coats. 

Monday, June 21, 2021

Vampire - Cassandra Pryce


Name: Cassandra Pryce
Background: Vampire / Class: Stealth / Level: 3

Str: 18 / +4
Dex: 15 / +2
Mind: 15 / +2
Cha: 16 / +3

Phys: +3
Subt: +5
Know: +3
Comm: +4
Tech: +3

Fort: +7
Ref: +5
Will: +5

Info: AC: 12 / Ini: +2 / BtH: +3 / HP: 26

Slam: Attk: +7 / D: 1d6+4 / R: Melee

Switch Blade: Attk: +7 / D: 1d4+4 / R: Thrown / Special: Concealed

Revolver: Attk: +5 / D: 2d6+1 / R: Near / RoF: 1

Bite: Attk: +7 / D: 1d6+4 / R: Melee

Gear: Disguise (Sporting Girl), Disguise (High Society), Pocket Watch / Wealth: +2 (Wealthy)

Traits (Vampire): Medium size. Normal speed. Darkvision. Bloodsucking: Vampires can use their bite attack to heal any injuries at a rate equal to the damage they inflict on a target. The Vampire must first successfully Grab or perform a Sneak Attack on a target. Grabs are made with the Vampire's Str + Phys vs. Opponent's Str + Phys.

Dodge (5/day): Five times per day, a Stealth character can twist and turn to move out of the way of an attack. If the character was successfully hit, the character may immediately make a Ref Save (Dex + Phys) vs. the DC equal to the enemy's final attack roll (including all bonuses that the attack roll had applied to it). If the dodger's roll equals or beats the attack roll, then no damage is applied to the character.

Sneak: The character has a bonus to their Stealth (Dex + Subt) equal to 1/2 their level, round up. The current bonus for this character is: +2


  • Cassandra is a relatively inexperienced vampire living in a pseudo-victorian / gothic era. She had begged her lover to bite and turn her to a creature of the night only for her lover to shortly after be burned to death by hunters. A cruel twist of fate commonly found in penny dreadfuls, now very real in Cassandra's world.
  • Has gained enough practical experience to survive and maintains her fair appearance to sustain her need for blood. She is now in a nocturnal world of Vampires, Wererats (wolves live in the country, not the city), and Magicians. She is attempting to break into the dark waltz to learn of the men who slew her lover.
  • Has several changes of clothing she uses as part of her series of disguises. One set emphasizes her as a lady of high society, allowing her to blend in relatively well at a party. The other is a more mundane dress, common to a woman working the streets and twisting alleys of the city.