Friday, October 23, 2020

M5e - The Phantasm


The Phantasm

CR: 13

HP: 285

Info: AC: 17 / Proficiency Bonus: +5 / Ini: +0


Slam: Attk: +8 / D: 1d6+4 / R: Melee

Traits: Phantasm (Interdimensional Creature): Medium size. Normal speed. Darkvision. Perception: +8 / 18

Sentinels: At any time, the Phantasm has access to a number of metallic spheres known as Sentinels that can attack targets with drills, saws, or lasers. The Sentinels fly at a fast speed and use the Phantasm's attack (+8).

Cold Vulnerability: The Phantasm is vulnerable to cold-based attacks and effects. In addition, the Phantasm's regeneration ability is negated for 1 round if subjected to its vulnerability.

Regeneration: Every round, the Phantasm regenerates 20 HP unless subjected to its weakness in the previous round.

Multiattack: The Phantasm may make 2 attacks per round. This may include an attack made by the Phantasm an attack made by a Sentinel.

Shapeshift (1/day / D: Scene): For a scene, the Phantasm may shapeshift as per the use of an alter appearance spell.

Legendary Actions (3 Points)

Cost 1: Move, Save, Attack (Single)

Cost 2: Attack (Multi), Conjure Sentinel, Teleport (Short Distance), Shapeshift


- The Phantasm (aka Tall Man) is an interdimensional creature and collector of the dead. He (according to his most common appearance as an old man), is often found working in mausoleums and mortuaries, gathering corpses to transport into another world. At all times, the Tall Man has access to 1-3 metallic spheres known as Sentinels.

- The Tall Man has immense strength and resistance to punishment. The Tall Man does have a vulnerability, which is surprisingly cold, although setting someone on fire will eventually do the trick.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

M20: The Cannibal


The Cannibal

HD: 13+52 (125)

Str: 18 (+4)
Dex: 14 (+2)
Mind: 10 (+0)

Info: AC: 16 / Ini: +2 / MV: 30 ft. / BAB: +13

Slam: Attk: +17 / D: 1d6+4 / R: Melee

Chainsaw: Attk: +17 / D: 3d6+4 / R: Melee

Traits: Human / Mad man (1/day): Medium size. Normal speed. Low light vision. Once per day, a Human (even a psychopath) may re-roll 1 failed d20 roll and take the better of the two results.

Multiattack: Creature may make 2 attacks per round.

Regenerate: At the start of each round, the creature regenerates 20 HP up to their current maximum. This power is mitigate for 1 round if the creature was targeted by a fire or chemical-based attack in the previous round.

Rage! (1/Scene): Once per scene, the character flies into a RAGE! They take a -2 AC but gain a d6 RAGE dice that is added to the following rolls.

+d6 added with the following

-Melee Attack rolls

-Melee damage rolls

-Strength-based checks

-Strength-based saves

-Physical skill rolls.

Boss Monster (3 Points)

Costs 1 Point: Move, Save, Attack (Single)

Costs 2 Points: Attack (Multi), Teleport (Short Distance, out of sight), or Enrage! (Free Action)


- The Cannibal (aka Jedidiah Sawyer, aka Leatherface): Is a hulking mute male from the Texarkana region of the Shadowed Earth. A stretch of lonely highway of rusted cars, dilapidated houses, and disused gas stations advertising roadside foods, such as chili or burgers in their shadowed dens. Travelers who enter this region and are unprepared find themselves at the mercy of the heat, the wildlife, and the menacing smiles and narrowed glances of the people who dwell in the region.

- Leatherface is a member of the Sawyer Clan, a family known to stalk, kill, and cook their victims into food and use their bones for furniture. Their victims often include travelers whose vehicle has broken down in the region, hitchhikers, or teenagers interested in vacationing in the remote freedom of the Texarkana stretch. Undoubtedly the adventurers have a more grave task than light adventuring, such as finding out what happened to the last group of teens in the region.

- Leatherface has few supernatural abilities. Like most killers, he can teleport a short distance out of sight to appear in a surprising number of places unexpectedly. His body can seemingly regenerate through heavy punishment (unless he is set on fire or struck by acid). His weapon of choice includes the chainsaw, but also may include his natural faculties (fist slams), or other weapons such as tenderizing mallets and meat cleavers. In addition to Leatherface is the other members of the Sawyer Clan who are a step or two below Leatherface's effectiveness. The other members of the family are known to weapons ranging from melee to ranged with firearms.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

M5e - The Nightmare


The Nightmare

CR: 14

HP: 280

Prof. Bonus: +5

Attk: Blade Glove: Attk: +8 / D: 1d6+4 / R: Melee

Traits: The Dream Master: Targets who fall asleep in a region that the Dream Master controls must make a Mind Save (DC: 20). On a success, the target recognizes they are in a dream and gains Resistance to all effects in the dream and are able to deal normal damage to the Nightmare. If reduced to 0 HP, knowing the realm is the dream, the target awakens Shaken, but alive.

On a failure, the target is enchanted by the dream and is subject to full damage by the Nightmare. If reduced to 0 HP, the target physically dies and their soul is possibly absorbed into the Nightmare.

Multiattack: The Nightmare may make 2 attacks per round.

Warp Reality (1/Scene. Mind Save - DC: 16): Target character is subject to reality where their greatest fears are made manifest (in addition to the psychopath trying to murder them). The target must make a Save. On a success, the target remains in the dream, but are not warped into whatever cruel amusement by the Nightmare. On a failure, the target is warped and remains so for the Scene (up to 10 rounds). The target can be snapped out of their state by another party member.

Wake Up! (1/Round - Reaction - Mind Save - DC: 20): Target may attempt to wake themselves from the dream. If successful they emerge from the dream, any wounds that have been accrued is visible on their body.

Welcome to My World, Bitch!: While in the Dream World, the Nightmare regenerates every round for 20 HP. At 0 HP, the Nightmare dematerializes for 1 Scene (10 rounds) and may materialize at full health. The Nightmare gains Resistance to all forms of attack. These powers are negated if subjected to directed radiant energy (when possible).

Reality Sucks!: If a character grapples the Nightmare and uses a Reaction to Wake Up they bring the Nightmare into the reality. All talents are cancelled, and although the Nightmare may still fight back with his weapons, he can be slain by being reduced to 0  HP and is Vulnerable to fire damage.

Legendary Actions (3)

Cost 1: Save, Move, Attack (Single), Teleport (Short Distance)

Cost 2: Attack Multi, Warp Reality (as a Bonus Action)


- The Nightmare (aka Freddy Krueger) was a child murderer who was burned to death by vengeful parents. Approached by powerful demon lords, Krueger now takes a certain cruel delight in entering the dreams of children to slaughter them in their sleep. Adults are either blatantly ignorant or foolish in not believing the horrors that are being inflicted (until they walk into their child's room and its covered in gore).

- In the Shadowed Universe, characters may attempt to use Warp Reality (Mind - DC: 16). To manifest some form of power themselves that is not common to reality. This may include gaining some form of magical abilities or talents that they otherwise do not possess. The powers gained lasts for 1 scene (or 10 rounds).