Monday, January 17, 2022

SotU - Alistar Tenpenny


Name: Alistair Tenpenny
Background: Gilnean (Afflicted) / Class: Mage / Level: 5

Info: AC: 11 (Robes) / BtH: +5 / Save: 10 / HP: 31

Staff +1: Attk: +6 / D: 1d8+1 / R: Melee / Special: Reach

Wand: Attk: +5 / D: 1d8 / R: Far

Claws: Attk: +5 / D: 1d6 / R: Melee

Gear: Spellbook, Inkpen, Ink, Spell Component Pouch, Hearthstone, Flask / Wealth: 160 gp

Traits (Worgen): Medium size. Normal speed. Low Light Vision. Darkflight (1/scene): Once per scene, a Worgen can increase their speed by one step (Fast). Two Forms: In relaxed conditions, a Worgen can maintain their Human facade. Any form of stress, fear, or combat will make the Worgen revert back into their bestial state.

Saving Throws: +2 vs. Spells

Skills (Mage): +2 to fields such as Lore, Alchemy, and other Knowledge fields as ascribed by the GM.

Attack: +6 / Mana: 32

Cantrips - Cost: 1 / R: Self or Close / D: Varies - This represents minor spells that the Mage knows. This includes abilities such as Detect Magic, Read Magic, Mage Hand, or Prestidigitation.

Frost Bolt - Cost 3 / R: Far / D: Instant - Conjures a bolt of Frost that is launched as a spell attack that deals 1d8 damage (Cold). Target must Save or become slowed for 1 round.

Ice Shield - Cost: 3 / R: Self / D: Scene - Creates a field of force energy laced with cold that grants +4 AC to the Mage. Targets making a Melee Attack must make a Save or become Chilled, slowing their movement and dealing 1d4 (Cold) damage to them.

Ice Lance - Cost: 5 / R: Far / D: Instant - Creates a lance-shaped beam of Frost that deals 2d8 damage to a single target as part of a Magic Attack.

Frozen Orb - Cost: 7 / R: Far / D: Instant - Launches a large orb that radiates frost energy that travels up to a Far range before dissipating. All targets within the path takes 4d8 damage and may make a Saving Throw for 1/2 damage. The orb ends early if it hits a solid obstacle, such as a wall.

Ebonbolt - Cost: 7 / R: Far / D: Instant - Creates a bolt of shadow frost that is launched as part of a spell attack. The bolt deals 4d8 damage to a target. Target must Save or become slowed for 1d4 rounds.


  • Alistair Tenpenny is a Gilnean Mage and former student of Arkhan University, located in Gilneas City. He was one of the first in a generation of Gilneans attempting to master the Arcane without the influence of the neighboring Kingdom of Dalaran.
  • Was bitten during the first Worgen invasion and, like other Worgen, cured of the madness through alchemical sedatives and finally the divine intervention of the Kaldorei. Having been cured, Alistair found that his arcane magic continued to function.
  • Specialty is Frost.
  • Since the Fourth War and the Armistice of Orgrimmar, Alistair has settled in Boralus, where he operates as a part-time adventurer, part-time scholar, and the owner of his own print shop that neighbors a series of offices known as Blackwater Row.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

NYNC - Ariel Perez, Bloodhunter


Name: Ariel Perez
Race: Human / Code Name: Oriole

Bloodhunter - Gather Information, Intimidate, Recognize Blood

Warrior - Disarm, Pistol, Sword

Survivor - Bravery, Cunning, Hunt

Athletic - Acrobatics, Endurance, Karate

Key of the Empire: Ariel is an Imperial. She hits her key when she serves the Empire's interests, make contact with other Imperials, reveal a medal or sign of your true loyalties within enemy territory.

Key of the Mysterious Past: Ariel has a mysterious past that Ariel only hints at. Hit this key when some portion of the character's past influences the scene, or they use a skill they previously did not realize they had.

Key of Honor: Ariel abides by a strict code of honor. Hit the key whenever a decision is made and is influenced by one's personal honor.

Secret of Taking a Beating: Once per session, the character may mark 'Angry' in place of Injured or Dead due to physical trauma they had received.

Secret of Reflexes: Once per scene, a character may re-roll a test that involves grace, dexterity, or quick reflexes and take the better of the two results.


  • Ariel Perez, Code Name: Oriole, is an Imperial Agent and licensed Bloodhunter. Bloodhunters are individuals who can detect parties that are infused with greater magic, such as Fireblood or Stormblood. Bloodhunters can sense the energies surrounding these targets even if the target is not working their will and conjuring spells. Ariel's role is seeking to capture Blooded members of Ilysium's ton who have committed some crime against the crown.
  • Ariel is an Imperial loyalist whose past is partially obscured from a form of memory loss. She recalls receiving training in the Imperial Academy on Olympia, but she also has memories of living in the Expanse, the various colonies and backwaters that lie due north of decadent Ilysium. Every once in awhile she is hit by some image of her past, or meets an NPC that knew Ariel before her time at the academy.
  • In addition to her training with pistol and sword, Ariel also knows martial arts that emphasizes strong blows into weak points of the body. When she is on the hunter, she is determined to use whatever she has at her disposal to bring a target back for the bounty.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

NYNC - Yadita Moordream, Rune Knight

Name: Yadita Moordream
Race: Elf / Class: Rune Knight / Level: 4

Str: +1
Dex: +1
Con: +0
Int: +2
Wis: +1
Cha: +2

Armor: 1 (Light) / HP: 8

Longsword +1: Attk: +2 / D: d6+3 / R: Melee

Dagger: Attk: +1 / D: d6+1 / R: Thrown

Bow: Attk: +1 / D: d6+1 / R: Far

Gear: Backpack, Canteen, Rations, Spellbook, Inkpen, Ink, Mess Kit, Bedroll, Talisman / Wealth: 100 gp

Traits (Elf): Medium size. Normal speed. Darkvision. Sharp Senses: Begin play with the Awareness skill, if the class already includes the Awareness skill, the character receives a +1 to Perception checks. Immunities: Immune to Ghoul Touch, Charm, and Magical Sleep.

Skills: Athletics, Awareness, Decipher, Lore

Abilities: Skirmish: +1 Damage, Armor is considered one type lighter.

Undead: Immune to Poison, Disease, and Charm effects. Sensitive to Radiant energy and can be turned. Susceptible to Necromancer spells.

Mana: 24

Animate (Minor) (R: Near / D: Scene): Animates a number of minor undead such as skeletons or lesser ghouls. These creatures serve the Rune Knight for the scene.

Fear (R: Near / D: Scene): Test Int. On a partial-success, the target is shaken for a round and fights at a penalty. On a success, the target is feared and must retreat for 1d6 rounds. On a critical success, the target is frightened and is chased away for the entire scene.

Frostbolt (R: Far / D: Instant): Conjures and throws a bolt of pure frost that deals 2d6 damage or 3d6 damage if target has a Frost Weakness. Target is slowed for 1 round.


  • Yadita is an Elven Rune Knight who has given up her life to serve as one of several eternal guardians over Ebonfield Castle. With the forces of good lacking the strength to level the ancient to its very dark heart, adventurers and the guardians of the damned must act as skirmisher and jailer respectively.
  • Favors light armor for ease of movement, her performed uniform was a two toned set of crimson studded leather playing against a blue tunic with boots that matched her armor. Her main magical item is her runeblade, Icemourne
  • Carries a talisman and a locket, mementos of her past life. While her undead state prevents her from experiencing too many emotions, Yadita does feel her stiff heart shift when she gazes on a small painting of her sister within the locket. Her relative is lost somewhere within Ebonfield, and the Rune Knight has sworn to find her!