Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Borderlands: Goblins

Name: Goblins

Rep: A bestial creature that inhabits the Borderland. They particularly enjoy hollows, swamps, and other dark places in the world. They love to venture from their dark, dank recesses to snatch women, children, animals, and unsuspecting men. Even those who can intimidate, like Orcs, can barely train them.

Brief: Goblins are not so much a race with culture, rather they are a ravenous creature native to the Borderlands swamps. Their bodies tend to be slender, tough, and covered in bumps and skin tags. The skin is often green, though shades of mossy brown or light blue have also been recorded. Goblins are flesh eaters and will have no compunction about eating small things, such as children or pets. In larger groups they will attempt to strike at larger targets, like adults. They appear to be intimidated by groups such as Orcs, Minotaur, and Dragonborn and will be reluctant to challenge them unless threatened or they feel there are enough to bring down even the larger creatures. Goblins are viewed as a pest and very few groups outside of renegade mages will use them.

  • Everything in life is worth eating. Especially the ones we can easily eat, who crawl and cry when they see us.
  • Run from the tallfolk! They have fire! Sharp weapons that will burn and stab us.
  • Get prey when they are in your domain. Unless your hungry, then sneak and steal from theirs.

  • A young child is fearful about a monster she saw under her bed. Investigate and learn that a nest of Goblins has gotten underneath the floorboards.
  • A family is reported missing in town after leaving to picnic. Search the seemingly safe woods for whatever happened to them.
  • A Wizard is using Goblins as his pets. Confront the Wizard, as Goblins will get out of control eventually and a Wizard's Tower has too many volatile items that could spill or explode.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Microlite5e: Fighter Talents

When it comes to Microlite5e, Fighters get something of a raw deal when it comes to things like powers or abilities. A quick breakdown of Fighter can be seen below. This is taken directly from the M5e text:

  • HD: d8 per level
  • Skill and Save Proficiencies: Physical and Strength (Physical) Saves.
  • Armor and Weapon Proficiencies: All Armor, All Weapons
  • Improved Stamina: +3 HP per level. When taking a short rest add +3 to any healing dice rolled.
  • Multi-Attack: May make 2 attacks at 5th level, 3 attacks at 11th, and 4 attacks at 20th.
  • Extended Crit Range: Critical range is extended to 19-20 at 3rd, 18-20 at 15th level.
That may seem like a lot for a truncated game like Microlite5e, but then looking at the Ranger, the Fighter feels a little outclassed. The Ranger gets both maneuver dice that allows them to perform feats as well as colossus slayer, which allows the Ranger to add +1d8 damage once per turn. Rather than take from the Ranger, I wanted to give a little more to the Fighter. Here are some abilities that a GM might want to throw in or allow their players to learn.

Fighter Talent: At the start of the game, allow the Fighter to learn one of the following talents to specialize their fighting style. These include:

Great Weapon: Re-roll any 1's or 2's that come up for damage when using a two-handed weapon. The Fighter must keep the secondary result, even if it comes up a 1 or 2.

Duelist: Add +2 damage when using a one-handed weapon while holding nothing else in the off-hand.

Armored Fighter: Whenever using a Shield or Medium or heavier armor, add +1 to your total Armor Class Score.

Other Fighter Abilities: These could be added every 4th level in lieu of an attribute raise or trained by the fighter when appropriate. A Fighter generally has 3-4 uses per day which are re-charged as the result of a Long Rest.

Fight On! - A Fighter pushes their body's limits to continue fighting the enemy. So many times per day a Fighter may heal themselves 1d8+Strength points of damage. This can never increase above their current total maximum. This Requires a Long Rest to recharge.

Mage Slayer - The Fighter considers themselves an expert in killing witches, mages, or other spellcasters. Whenever striking an individual who has revealed themselves to be a caster, the Fighter adds +1d8 damage for 1 attack each round. Fighters of this type will usually have disdain for Mages, they may even spit on the boots an allied mage.

Warlord - So many times per day you can inspire your allies to keep up the fight. When issuing your direction or inspiring speech, the allies gain a tactical die of d4. At the start of each round the GM rolls the d4, this number is applied to all d20 rolls made by the allies in the party. At the end of the scene, or if the Fighter is knocked unconscious, the inspiration and boon fades.

Sweep - So many times per day a Fighter makes a spin move that attacks multiple targets in a single strike. The targets must be adjacent to the Fighter when they spin around hacking and slashing. The Fighter makes a single attack roll and compares it to defenders AC and deals damage. In their fury, the Fighter cannot discern friend from foe. Use caution.


Friday, February 15, 2019

Microlite5e: Slitherfolk

Brief: You are a serpentine off-shoot of the Lizardfolk race. Looked upon with suspicion for your fierce looks and famed venomous bite, people often are wary of you. It will take time to prove your possibly good intentions to the others around you. Slitherfolk's scale colors include greens and blacks, sometimes blue or yellow. Their eyes are typically yellow with a black slit for an iris.

  • Dextrous: Dexterity +2
  • Size: Medium
  • Darkvision: Can see in total darkness, albeit in a grayscale.
  • Bite Attack: Melee Attack that deals 1d6+Strength
  • Natural Predator: Gain Proficiency in the Stealth (Subterfuge + Dex) skill. If already Proficient, the character gains Expertise (Proficiency x2 + Dex).
  • Venom-blooded: Gain Advantage when making a Save vs. Poison or Disease.
  • Poison Sac (Use: 1 + Str Bonus times per day): A successful bite attack can inject poison into the target's bloodstream. Target character must make a Physical save vs. Venom (8 + Prof. Bonus + Str Bonus) or become poisoned for 1 minute. On a successful Save or when the effect ends, the target is immune to another attempt for 24 hours. It requires a Long Rest to recharge this ability.