Monday, April 19, 2021

A-to-Z Challenge - P is for Psychic


Name: Khelkand Garneteye
Race: Svirfneblin / Class: Psychic / Level: 3

Str: 12 / +0
Dex: 14 / +1
Con: 14 / +1
Int: 17 / +2
Wis: 18 / +3
Cha: 13 / +1

Info: AC: 13 (Leather) / Ini: +1 / BtH: +1 / ST: 15 / Vitality: 15 / Wounds: 18

Dagger (x2): Attk: +1 / D: 1d4 / R: Thrown

Flintlock Pistol: Attk: +2 / D: 1d8 / R: Near / RoF: 1

Gear: Backpack, Canteen, Rations, Torches, Bedroll, Mess Kit / Wealth: 80 gp

Traits (Svirfneblin): Small size. Slow speed. Darkvision (120 ft.). Magic Resistance: 20%. Natural Spells (1/Day, 1st Level Caster): Blindness/Deafness, Blur, Disguise. Stonecunning: +2 to skill rolls involving gems, minerals, and earthen works. This can include climbing, appraising gems, and identifying stonework.

Saving Throws: +4 Save vs Spells, Magic, and Powers

Mental AC: 15 / Attack: +5 / Psi Points: 7

Attack: Id Insinuation / Defense: Thought Shield

1st: Command, Conceal Thoughts, Detect Invisibility, Object Reading, Resistance to Cold

2nd: Hypnotic Pattern, Resistance to Fire


  •  Khelkand is a Deep Gnome Psychic that dwells in the port city of Onyx Bay. This port in the depths of the earth sits on a vast lake, its ringed harbor stretching out into the dark waters where patrols are on constant alert for the shimmering black eyes of aboleths stirring within the depths. Khelkand is both a Psychic and an Investigator for the City Watch. His role is investigating criminal activity within the city.
  • Has a knack for using Object Reading in order to develop the profile of the criminal. A misplaced thieves' tool, an assassin's dagger that was left at the scene. Given enough time and study, and Khelkand can at least semi-narrow down the suspects. Of course, in a city of the Underdark, the description of It was a Drow, or It was a Duergar is not all that helpful.
  • As suggested by his surname, Khekland's family symbol is an eye made of scarlet garnet with a gold irises in the middle. Khelkand is married to another Svirfneblin with plans to start a family while living on the Bay. Despite the dangers of the Underdark, the Bay is far removed from the Drow Courts and the trouble their presence brings.

Friday, April 16, 2021

A-to-Z Challenge - O is for Orangutan

Name: Galba

Class: Orangutan Politician / Level: 3 / Title: Speaker


Str: 12 / Attk: +0 / Dmg: +0 / Minor Feat: +0

Dex: 14 / Attk: +1 / Def: -1
Con: 14 / Poison/Rad Save: +1 / Trauma: 90% / HP: +1
Int: 19 / Languages: Native +3 / Tech: +20%
Psi: 16 / Recovery: 5/2 hrs / Points: 16
Cha: 18 / Reaction: -2 / Morale: 10
Info: Def: -1 (Clothing) / To-Hit: 12 / HP: 11
Handgun: Attk: +1 / D: 1d10 / R: Near / RoF: 1

Dagger: Attk: +0 / D: 1d4 / R: Thrown
Club: Attk: +0 / D: 1d4 / R: Melee
Gear: Backpack, Canteen, Rations, Torches, Journal, Ink Pen, Ink / Wealth: 80 gp
Traits (Orangutan): Medium size. Normal speed. Research (40%), Technology (60%), Identify Artifact (d6 / 5+). Convince (d6 / 5+).
Influence (3): At level 3, an Orangutan can command 2 HD worth of Apes (which can be divided as either a single 2 HD Ape or two 1 HD apes). An Orangutan at this level may also request humanoid servants granted by the government.
Saving Throws: Energy: 16 / Poison: 12 / Stun: 15 / Radiation: 14
  • Galba is a low level speaker living in Southron City. This ape colony is located in what is left of Georgia and Florida. Its branch of Apedom includes verdant jungles, swamps, and watersheds. The leadership caste, such as Galba, are entrusted in both food production that is exported north to Ape City, and ensuring the Edicts of Sehton the Lawgiver are observed by the colonists. Galba's district is an outpost village within the Watershed (formerly northern Florida).
  • He is working in partnership with Captain Olybrius  who believes that the disappearance is citizens and gorilla scouts is caused by a dangerous mutant lurking in the swamps of the Big Cypress. Galba is under pressure to solve the matter, and is prepared to follow Olybrius on an expedition into the region to deal with the threat.
  • Is married to an Orangutan named Calpurnia. She is the younger daughter of an Ape City politician who, although she loves her husband, would love him more if he could climb the latter from being a low Speaker to either ruling Southron City or return in triumph to Ape City. Whatever course that could show up her older sister.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

A-to-Z Challenge - N is for Nordanbjorn


Name: Magnus the Great
Class: Nordanbjorn / Level: 3

Str: 18 / Attk: +2 / Dmg: +2
Dex: 15 / Attk: +1 / AC: +1
Con: 17 / HP: +2 / System Shock: Auto Succeed
Int: 10 / Bonus Languages: 2
Wis: 13 / Hear Noise: +1
Cha: 12 / Hirelings: 5

Info: AC: 12 (Natural) / BHB: +1 / ST: 13 / HP: 24

Claws: Attk: +3 / Dmg: 1d3+2 / R: Melee / Special: Multiattack - 2 claw attacks per round.

Bite: Attk: +3 / D: 1d6+2 / R: Melee

Gear: Necklace / Wealth: 40 gp in gems

Traits (Nordanbjorn): Large size. Normal speed. Normal vision. Monstrous Development: Nordanbjorn can damage monsters who normally have protection vs. mundane damage (such as Werewolves or Vampires) provided they do not possess twice the number hit dice vs. the Nordanbjorn's current level. Creatures currently affected are 5 HD or lower.

Bear Hug: The Nordanbjorn may forgo a bite attack and try to grab their opponent using their claws. To do so, the Nordanbjorn has to successfully attack the opponent with both claws successfully striking the victim. The victim may make a Save vs. Paralysis, very large creatures may receive a +4 bonus vs. Paralysis to resist the hug. The grabbed opponent cannot perform any action except attempt to escape with a Save vs Paralysis. The Nordanbjorn's allies may attack adding +4 (+8 with Backstab) to their strikes. Every round the opponent fails in their save after the first, the Nordanbjorn may freely squeeze their target, dealing Claw + Str damage to the victim.


  • Magnus is a Bear! Not a Ursoid, not a Bear-folk, not an anthropomorphic biped covered in fur with the head of a bear. Magnus is a true bear that has been blessed by ancient natural magic with the abilities of speech and sapience. He is a talking bear who is charged with protecting a swathe of land on behalf of the Green Court. He is a guardian and agent to the positive aspects of nature.
  • Magnus will only travel with good or neutral aligned parties that show a respect towards nature. Magnus, like other Nordanbjorn, have a kinship and respect for Wood Elves and Hill Dwarves over other groups, and Magnus will provide both protection and as much guidance as his own experience allows to these honored allies.
  • Despises undead, especially a rather cruel Necromancer who has been raising warriors in a local cairn and sending them out into Magnus' woods. He has sworn to see the Necromancer not just chased off, but permanently dead for their depredations.
  • Likes fish, does not care for patronizing head pats from party members.