Friday, September 30, 2016

Blackmoor: The Wild Cards

From across the North are the Wild Cards. A band of adventurers who are willing to take jobs for the highest bidders. They don't themselves in terms of law or chaos, good or evil. Granted, they tend to avoid jobs like raiding villages or slaughtering caravans. But they will take job like clearing caves of monsters or the occasional kidnapping and ransom job. The members are identified by codename.

Saoirse Whitmoore
The Ace of Diamonds

Brief: Saoirse is a magician-duelist who never cared for the formal and confining structure of school life at Blackmoor University. She instead chose to briefly serve under a arcane master before leaving, having picked up the spells she thought she needed and go from there. She formed the Wild Cards with a combination of neighborhood friends and people who were interested in either travel or making money, preferably both as the group are a wandering band. Saoirse has been presented by two grand plans: Look into acquiring magic from the 'City of the Gods' or taking gems out of Mount Uberstar.

Bahdur Isran
The King of Clubs

Brief: Bahdur is a Peshwah exile from the Hak region who lived in Blackmoor's lower income quarters and making a living as a guard. He has always been a proud man, despite the hardships of exile. During his time he became a neighbor and friend of a local, Saoirse Whitmoore. She befriended him, helped him find work, and in turn he occasionally helped her when she felt she needed an escort as part of her duties to her arcane mentor. Interested in helping his friends and making money, Bahdur jumped at the chance to start a new adventuring group. He has held onto one secret: A map that he carried with him into exile. A map that leads to the mysterious 'City of the Gods.'

Lizbeth Stillwater
The Queen of Hearts

Brief: Lizbeth has always been the rough and tumble sort from the days of living in Blackmoor's poorest quarters. Before she discovered the wonderful invention known as the firearm, Lizbeth scraped, clawed, and fought in all manner of dirty trick to get the edge over others. It wasn't until she finally got her first mercenary work as a caravan guard and offered this fantastic weapon that she truly found her talent- putting bullets in people's hearts. Since that time, Lizbeth has been living in middle-class districts of Blackmoor. It is there he met Bahdur Isran over a night of drinking, finding him a rather charming fellow- in a quiet sort of manner. From him she met Saoirse Whitman and eventually formed the Wild Cards.

Percival Threelocks
The Jack of Spades

Brief: Percival has been friends with Saoirse back when she was under tutelage of her Mentor. He himself was employed by the same person, serving as an information collector and the occasional fencer of gods the mentor happened to acquire. After the mentor released both Saoirse and Percival from service. Together, the two decided to form a partnership that became known as the "Wild Cards". Percival not only brings his expertise as a thief, he also brings a few maps from the Regency of the Mines and an idea of how to get their hands on some of those rare gems that come down from Mount Uberstar.