Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Kyna: House Kropotkin

House Kropotkin

Rep: A mercantile house that has clung to power in Port Kyna since before the Great War. With the creation of the Borderlands, House Kropotkin remains in its bastion of Starfish Island.

Words: Always Strong, Always Bold, Always Beautiful

Brief: Before the Great War consumed the Borderlands, House Kropotkin was looked on as a minor house that flourished within the city-state of Port Kyna due to the advantage of holding a monopoly on the mid-point between the Elven South and Human North. Kropotkin, a house controlled by the aged Hippolyta Kropotkin, had little prejudice against Elves and little loyalty to the Human lords to the north of her. With the war over and the creation of the Borderlands as a buffer state between the great Kingdoms, House Kropotkin has positioned itself well. With the dwindling chance of Northern intervention, they have become the new nobility, and Hippolyta is eager to increase the prestige of her house in any way she can.


  • It is money and talent that should bring about respect, not merely bloodline.
  • Starfish Island in Port Kyna is the personal domain of House Kropotkin. Those who live there, live by the grace of the Lady.
  • Port Kyna, and thus House Kropotkin, is still vital to the world as it serves as a major market for Southern and Northern export.
  • Maintain the autonomy of the Borderlands and the power of the House by whatever means necessary.
  • Bring down the upstart House Stillwater who have proven dangerous challengers due to their criminal connections.
  • Pressure suppliers to sell to one client: House Kropotkin.
  • Plant evidence to convince either the North Kingdom or South Empire that the other side has some weapon, item, or means to deter the talk of war within either faction.
  • Capture or Kill a member of House Stillwater for ransom or bounty. Be prepared to face consequences.
  • Aid a kindly merchant who is being extorted by House Kropotkin.

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