Saturday, June 22, 2019

M74 - Minotaur

The best profile shot I could find of a Minotaur

Although I collect, play, and run games that have a lot of roots in the old school, I would never call myself a Grognard or any kind of true believer in the old way. For instance, several playable options that I include in my games include Gnomes (which sometimes appear in first the place, but not always), Catfolk, Minotaur, Lizardfolk, and I generally make Half-Orcs into 'Orcs' as I dislike the implications that often surround Half-Orcs. Pretty much all of these races are already covered in the great Microlite74 rule set, except for Minotaur. Below is Minotaur.

Brief: Minotaur are an ancestry of bestial humanoids with a distinct bovine look that includes a muzzle, a pair of horns, and a thick to muscular build. The fur that covers Minotaur bodies include shades of white-and-black, gray, red, brown, or brown-and-white. More exotic fur colors typically suggest a touch of the supernatural that is at times taboo in Minotaur communities. Male Minotaurs are known as Bulls while female Minotaur are known as Cows or Heifers. Non-Minotaur are advised to not make too many jokes out of Minotaur gender distinctions, for safety's sake.


Strong: Minotaur gain +2 Strength

Darkvision: Minotaur can see in total darkness up to 60 ft. albeit in a greyscale only.

Gore: Natural Attack that deals D6 + Str Bonus

Confusion Immunity: Minotaur are immune to spells such as Confusion, Lesser Confusion, and Maze. A Minotaur may voluntary enter a maze, for the exercise. Minotaur are rarely lost when traveling and if a navigation roll is required they receive a +4 to their roll.

XP Base: +6


Microlite74 - You get a copy of the Extended Edition of Microlite74 at a Pay What You Want Price.


  1. Gore damage seems a bit high. Str +1d6 is basically a 4D6 attack. 4D6+2 when you factor in the +2 Strength.

    1. Yeah, I had to make a quick edit. What I meant under Natural Attack is that it deals d6 + Strength bonus. Roughly the same damage as a shortsword. Thanks for pointing that out.