Saturday, June 29, 2019

M74 - Ratfolk


A Player Race for Microlite74

Brief: Ratfolk are rodent-humanoids that are on par with Halflings in terms of height. Their bodies are covered in fur with colors including shades of brown, black, grey, or white. Their muzzled heads are tipped with soft, spongy muzzles in a color that typically compliments their fur color, in the case the Ratfolk is not using glamor or fur dye, that is. While Ratfolk are known for pointed teeth, they typically dislike employing them as actual weapons in combat. Only the most dire of circumstances would make a Ratfolk want to damage their teeth by clamping on flesh and bone. While often known for cleaning up well, Ratfolk have a natural resistance to diseases.

Adroit: +2 Dexterity

Small: May have bonuses to feats of stealth. Consequently, small characters have penalties to feats of Strength such as lifting or grappling.

Infravision: Ratfolk can see in darkness up to 60 ft.

Supernatural Wellness: Ratfolk receive a +4 to Resist Disease. GM's Note, Lycanthropy is actually a curse, not a disease.

Rat Affinity: A Party with +1 Ratfolk often receive a +1 to Reaction rolls involving wild rats or wererats.

Prehensile Tail: All normal Ratfolk have a prehensile tail hanging from their backside. This requires special accommodations to their armor that may devalue its selling price and make it more expensive to make. Ratfolk's tail cannot be used to make attacks, but can be used for certain actions, such as holding a spare weapon or potion to make it easier for the Ratfolk to grab. Can perform small feats, such as wrapping around door handles to open.

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