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Microlite5e: Spelljammer Races

Spelljammer M5e

Brief: This post is designed to port over my favorite races from the Spelljammer setting. In this hypothetical Spelljammer the universe, in addition to the standard races, we see the rise of races such as: Dohwar, Giff, Lizardfolk, Rastipede, and Scro. Their briefs and stats are below.


Brief: Dohwar are Avian-Humanoids with black back feathers and white feathers on the stomach. They are roughly the size of Halflings. Dohwar are known as a mercantile race, specializing in the sell and transportation of mundane objects from armor, weapons, to trade goods, to vehicles such as wagon.

Quick: +2 Dexterity

Small: +1 AC, Advantage on feats such as Stealth while taking a Disadvantage on feats such as Grappling or Lifting. Slow movement speed.

Peck: Natural Attack deals d4 + Str/Dex damage depending on which bonus is higher.

Darkvision: Can see 60 ft. in total darkness, albeit in greyscale.

Aquatic: Fast Swim Speed, can hold breath for Strength Score x2


Brief: These bestial humanoids have the heads of jungle dwelling hippopotami. Their skin tends toward shades of blue or light grey with a large build. They are known throughout the Great Spheres as tough mercenaries who only break contracts if hired to fight other Giff units. The Giff fleets are often independent military companies with little contact to the homeworld.

Tough: +2 Strength

Large: Advantage on feats such as Grappling or Lifting but takes a Disadvantage in feats such as Stealth.

Darkvision: Can see in total darkness, albeit in greyscale.

Headbutt: Natural Attack that deals Str + D6 Damage

Gun Training: Giff are Proficient with Firearms, regardless of most class restrictons.


Brief: Lizardfolk are reptilian humanoids with scale colors of green or dark blue. Lizardfolk are a warrior culture who actively employ natural weapons such as teeth, claws, or tail along with their normal fighting abilities. They prefer warm and humid planets over cold worlds.

Tough: +2 Strength

Darkvision: Can see in total darkness, albeit in greyscale.

Aquatic: Normal swim speed, can hold breath for Strength Score x2

Natural Weapons: Lizardfolk are armed with claws, teeth, and tail. They can employ one of these attacks as a natural attack in a round. The damage of the attack is 1d4 + Strength.

Natural Armor: Begins play with a Natural AC of 12. When wearing armor, a Lizardfolk takes the higher of the armor classes. Armor Classes that are +1 or +2 does not stack with the Lizardfolk's Natural Armor.


Brief: Rastipedes are quadruped insectoid-humanoids with chitinous skin that comes in color of greens, blues, or reds. Rastipedes are organized into colonies, serving a large female Rastipede known as a Queen. Adventuring Rastipede are typically exiles with little contact with their colony. They have a hostile rivalry with the space faring arachnid-humanoids, the K'r'r'r.

Tough: +2 Strength

Quadruped: Fast Speed. Can carry double amount of equipment. Can also serve as a mount for a small character, if said character asks politely. It is rude to assume you can ride your party member. Rastipede must have their armor customized, which will add to the price and take away from its universal value. They may trade normally with other Rastipedes.

Darkvision: Can see in total darkness, albeit in greyscale.

Chitinous Exoskeleton: Rastipede begin play with a Natural Armor Class of 12. They cannot benefit from +1 or +2 Armor Class and whenever wearing armor that is of higher class than Natural, they take that bonus instead.

Brief: This subgroup of Orcs is found in the void with skin that is jet black, deep purple, or dark blue. Their eyes are typically red, acid green, or smoldering black. They are an organized race, dedicated to the principals and war and hatred for the Elves who rained colorless fire upon their homeworld. The Scro long to break the Elven Imperial Navy and sacrifice a hundred Elves for every Orc lost during the Humanoid Wars.

Tough: +2 Strength

Darkvision: Can see in total darkness, albeit in greyscale.

Bite: Natural Attack that deals 1d4 + Str damage.

Savage: Whenever striking a target with a critical hit, they add +1d6 damage along with critical weapon damage.

Hatred: Add +1 Attack to Elves and Half-Elves. Scro have a burning hatred for Elves, they take a Disadvantage when attempting to negotiate with Elven kind.

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