Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Blackmoor: Soran'ren - The Honored Elder (Dave Arneson Day!)

Soran'ren of Jackport

Brief: Living in a seashore cave along the beaches near Jackport is Soran'ren, the Scroll Merchant. A Tortle who is purported to be one of the oldest beings of the North. In his cave, he is often puttering over his inks and parchments made of kelp. He enjoys the taste of fruit, which is often the price he asks from the locals in exchange for scrolls of healing that he pens. While ostensibly a scroll merchant to adventurers, Soran'ren is more than that, he is a great scholar, and his work showing the history of the North can be found painted in colors of turquoise, white, and red on his cave walls.

As an NPC - Soran'ren serves two rolls. He is scroll master, able to transcribe magical powers into scrolls. His specialty generally focuses on healing and protection over direct attacks, although when asked to make an offensive scroll, Soran'ren scribes spells of acid or cold for the party wizard to use. He is a Sage, having the Advantage on almost any History or Arcana check, or he may automatically make his checks to give the information the PC's might need on a certain subject. He is, essentially, a GM's tool to help guide the party.

Quick Facts About Soran'ren

-As the Eldest Being of the North, Soran'ren remembers the event known as the ring of fire. The Ring as it is sometimes known, was massive portal event that sheared away several dimensional versions of Blackmoor and scattered them throughout the multiverse. One version of Blackmoor was warped and shaped over Oerth, another was blasted on Mystara until it was destroyed - the greatest sages of Blackmoor College believe it either the will of the divine, or a mistake by an archmage. Soran'ren is the only one willing to divulge the event, he does not know why it was done.

-Major threats to Soran'ren and the Tortle people are agents of the Egg of Coot. The Egg despises Tortles and views them as a threat to its existence on the plane of Blackmoor. For while the Egg is near immortal, it is the Tortle (and extension Soran'ren) who may hold the key to banishing the malevolent blob back to its home dimension. The Egg has many plans in motion, one of which is to kill or enslave Tortles.

-While used as a friendly NPC - if numbers are concern, Soran'ren is a 15+ Wizard who uses scrolls as a casting focus.

-Enjoys fruit. Imported oranges from the south are a delicacy to Soran'ren. He also eats more northern varieties such as apples or cherries. He often takes them as payment from locals. From adventurers his price is often favors or a rare item for his work. His rewards are often scrolls or information that is vital to the party.