Monday, February 22, 2021

True20 - Modern Roles in True20


I wanted to revisit True20 and have it serve as my gateway into the d20 system, specifically the 3rd Edition / D20 Modern era of the game. For actual D&D, even though I do have a fondness for the 3rd edition, as it was the period I first started playing the game. My go-to for D&D would nowadays be 5th edition. 

Looking at the Role Creation chapter, I wanted to convert the six core classes (Strong, Fast, Tough, Smart, Dedicated, and Charismatic) into True20 characters. In the True20 version, a player would mix-and-match between these roles. They gain only 1 core ability based on their first class. Let's take a look our newly created roles.

A Quick Note: All characters are built to be at or below '5' Role creation points. All points less than 1 are discarded at the end of the tally as seen below.

Combat: Fast (4)
Saves: Normal (Good Fortitude, Normal Reflex, Normal Will) (0)
Skills: 4 Skills (1)
Core Talent: Extraordinary Effort: By spending a point of Conviction when you use extra effort, you gain any two benefits rather than having to choose just one. If you choose the same benefit twice, its effectiveness increases by 50%, giving +3 to a check bonus or tripling your carrying capacity or movement speed. For the Willpower benefit, you make two additional saves rather than one. You still suffer the fatigue of the extra effort normally.

Combat: Medium (3)
Saves: Normal (Good Reflex, Normal Fortitude, Normal Will) (0)
Skills: 6 Skills (1.5)
Core Talent: Danger Sense: You have honed your senses to perceive even the slightest hints of danger in your surroundings. Whenever you are about to be surprised or trigger some kind of hazard, the Narrator must warn you that something is amiss, usually providing the general location of the danger. You may immediately make a Notice, Search, Sense Motive, or Survival check. If successful, you learn the location and source of the danger. If it is an ambush or surprise attack, you are not surprised and can take an action during the surprise round. If it is a hazard or trap, you avoid triggering it.

This core ability counts as the awareness feat for purposes of prerequisites for feats.

Combat: Medium (3)
Saves: Advanced (Good Fortitude, Good Reflex, Normal Will) (0.25)
Skills: 4 Skills (1)
Core Talent: Determination: A Tough can spend a point of Conviction to immediately erase all bruised and hurt damage conditions (and their associated penalties).

Combat: Slow (2)
Saves: Normal (Good Will, Normal Fortitude, Normal Reflex) (0)
Skills: 8 Skills (2)
Core Talent: Expertise: A Smart character can spend a point of Conviction to gain 4 temporary ranks in any skill, including skills in which the Smart is not currently trained or that cannot be used untrained. These temporary skill ranks last for the duration of the scene and grant their normal benefits.

Combat Medium (3)
Saves: Normal (Good Will, Normal Fortitude, Normal Will)
Skills: 6 Skills (1.5)
Core: Common Sense: It may not be that common, but you’ve got it. Whenever you’re about to do something foolish or downright stupid, the Narrator must warn you, usually with something along the lines of “Are you sure you really want to do that?” Based on this, you may choose a different course of action. Common Sense doesn’t cost Conviction, but it’s also not under your control.

Combat: Slow Combat (2)
Saves: Normal (Good Will, Normal Fortitude, Normal Reflex)
Skills: 8 Skills (2)
Core Talent: The Knack: When making a specialized skill check, roll two dice and use the better of the two rolls. If you spend Conviction to re-roll the check, roll only one die, and compare it to the better of your original two rolls.