Monday, April 12, 2021

A-to-Z Challenge - K is for Knight


Name: Lord Myron Brunner
Race: Revenant (Human) / Class: Knight / Level: 3

Str: 16 / +2
Dex: 15 / +1
Con: - / -
Int: 14 / +1
Wis: 15 / +1
Cha: 16 / +2

Info: AC: 16 (Banded + Shield) / Ini: +1 / BtH: +3 / ST: 14 /
Wounds: 22 / Vitality: 25

Longsword: Attk: +5 / D: 1d8+2 / R: Melee

Lance: Attk: +5 / D: 1d10+2 / R: Melee / Special: Reach

Shield Bash: Attk: +5 / D: 1d4+2 / R: Melee

Gear: Tabard / Wealth: 130 gp

Traits (Revenant): Medium size. Normal speed. Darkvision (90 ft.). No Constitution: Revenants have no physical body and no Constitution score. They immune to the following calamities: Poison, Disease, Backstab, Energy Drain, Ability, or Life Drain. Life Drain: A Revenant can only heal lost Wound Points by draining the life out of a subject. On a successful Touch Attack (Melee Attack +2 vs. AC), the target must make a Saving Throw or become drained of 1d8 wound points. These points are fed into the Revenant up to their current maximum. A target reduced to 0 HP due to life draining is slain and returns to existence as a mindless, and angry, undead.

Ectoplasmic Body: Revenants are weightless and do not trigger pressure traps, weakened bridge slats, and they like. They add +4 to their Climb checks due to this weightlessness. Non-magical weapons only deal 1/2 damage to a Revenant. A Revenant is unable to manipulate the corporeal world in any fine matter, any of their actions, such as using a corporeal weapon are done-so crudely with a -4 and with no attribute bonuses to attack or damage. The only weapons that a Revenant may use with ease are the ghostly weapons bound to them. They cannot acquire new items unless they are turned ethereal by some magical means (such as a Wish spell).

Vulnerabilities: Revenants are subject to Turn/Rebuke undead. Their current level counts as the Hit Die difficulty for a Cleric to affect them. Revenants are also subject to holy water, spells, and magical weapons that specifically target the undead.

Knight Abilities: Saving Throws: +2 Save vs. Str

Horsemanship (+3): Knights add their level to any skill, attribute, or ability check involving riding, mounting, dismounting, or caring for their steed.

Indomitable Chivalry: +2 Save vs. Mind-Affecting Spells and Abilities. In the event of a failure, the Knight gains a new Saving Throw whenever an effect compels a Knight to commit an act that violates their code of honor.

Mounted Combat (+1): +1 Attack and Combat Rolls when fighting on the back of a mount.


  • Sir Myron Brunner is a Revenant, a semi-corporeal specter of anger bitterness after being slain by his wife over a dalliance with the maid. Rather than allowing himself to cross over, the vengeful Knight haunts the grounds of his estate. He is aware that his wife was, by the hands of her own lover, murdered. His unfinished business involves avenging himself against his wife and her lover who both poisoned and dropped a stuffed moose head trophy on his dying figure to ensure that his physical body was broken by the events.
  • Myron is a Knight. While unable to wear armor or wield swords of the living, his own spectral state includes a rusted set of banded mail bearing his family livery (The Boar), as well his family's sword. In addition to these corrupted mementoes that Brunner carries, he can also summon a phantom steed to ride the overgrown grounds of his old castle. He continues in his search for the ghosts of his ex-wife and her lover.
  • Can only heal his wounds by draining the life from the living. Mortal allies seeking the Knight's aid are warn, his price can sometimes include allowing Myron to 'sample' in order to heal any wounds he has recently received.