Friday, April 16, 2021

A-to-Z Challenge - O is for Orangutan

Name: Galba

Class: Orangutan Politician / Level: 3 / Title: Speaker


Str: 12 / Attk: +0 / Dmg: +0 / Minor Feat: +0

Dex: 14 / Attk: +1 / Def: -1
Con: 14 / Poison/Rad Save: +1 / Trauma: 90% / HP: +1
Int: 19 / Languages: Native +3 / Tech: +20%
Psi: 16 / Recovery: 5/2 hrs / Points: 16
Cha: 18 / Reaction: -2 / Morale: 10
Info: Def: -1 (Clothing) / To-Hit: 12 / HP: 11
Handgun: Attk: +1 / D: 1d10 / R: Near / RoF: 1

Dagger: Attk: +0 / D: 1d4 / R: Thrown
Club: Attk: +0 / D: 1d4 / R: Melee
Gear: Backpack, Canteen, Rations, Torches, Journal, Ink Pen, Ink / Wealth: 80 gp
Traits (Orangutan): Medium size. Normal speed. Research (40%), Technology (60%), Identify Artifact (d6 / 5+). Convince (d6 / 5+).
Influence (3): At level 3, an Orangutan can command 2 HD worth of Apes (which can be divided as either a single 2 HD Ape or two 1 HD apes). An Orangutan at this level may also request humanoid servants granted by the government.
Saving Throws: Energy: 16 / Poison: 12 / Stun: 15 / Radiation: 14
  • Galba is a low level speaker living in Southron City. This ape colony is located in what is left of Georgia and Florida. Its branch of Apedom includes verdant jungles, swamps, and watersheds. The leadership caste, such as Galba, are entrusted in both food production that is exported north to Ape City, and ensuring the Edicts of Sehton the Lawgiver are observed by the colonists. Galba's district is an outpost village within the Watershed (formerly northern Florida).
  • He is working in partnership with Captain Olybrius  who believes that the disappearance is citizens and gorilla scouts is caused by a dangerous mutant lurking in the swamps of the Big Cypress. Galba is under pressure to solve the matter, and is prepared to follow Olybrius on an expedition into the region to deal with the threat.
  • Is married to an Orangutan named Calpurnia. She is the younger daughter of an Ape City politician who, although she loves her husband, would love him more if he could climb the latter from being a low Speaker to either ruling Southron City or return in triumph to Ape City. Whatever course that could show up her older sister.