Monday, April 19, 2021

A-to-Z Challenge - P is for Psychic


Name: Khelkand Garneteye
Race: Svirfneblin / Class: Psychic / Level: 3

Str: 12 / +0
Dex: 14 / +1
Con: 14 / +1
Int: 17 / +2
Wis: 18 / +3
Cha: 13 / +1

Info: AC: 13 (Leather) / Ini: +1 / BtH: +1 / ST: 15 / Vitality: 15 / Wounds: 18

Dagger (x2): Attk: +1 / D: 1d4 / R: Thrown

Flintlock Pistol: Attk: +2 / D: 1d8 / R: Near / RoF: 1

Gear: Backpack, Canteen, Rations, Torches, Bedroll, Mess Kit / Wealth: 80 gp

Traits (Svirfneblin): Small size. Slow speed. Darkvision (120 ft.). Magic Resistance: 20%. Natural Spells (1/Day, 1st Level Caster): Blindness/Deafness, Blur, Disguise. Stonecunning: +2 to skill rolls involving gems, minerals, and earthen works. This can include climbing, appraising gems, and identifying stonework.

Saving Throws: +4 Save vs Spells, Magic, and Powers

Mental AC: 15 / Attack: +5 / Psi Points: 7

Attack: Id Insinuation / Defense: Thought Shield

1st: Command, Conceal Thoughts, Detect Invisibility, Object Reading, Resistance to Cold

2nd: Hypnotic Pattern, Resistance to Fire


  •  Khelkand is a Deep Gnome Psychic that dwells in the port city of Onyx Bay. This port in the depths of the earth sits on a vast lake, its ringed harbor stretching out into the dark waters where patrols are on constant alert for the shimmering black eyes of aboleths stirring within the depths. Khelkand is both a Psychic and an Investigator for the City Watch. His role is investigating criminal activity within the city.
  • Has a knack for using Object Reading in order to develop the profile of the criminal. A misplaced thieves' tool, an assassin's dagger that was left at the scene. Given enough time and study, and Khelkand can at least semi-narrow down the suspects. Of course, in a city of the Underdark, the description of It was a Drow, or It was a Duergar is not all that helpful.
  • As suggested by his surname, Khekland's family symbol is an eye made of scarlet garnet with a gold irises in the middle. Khelkand is married to another Svirfneblin with plans to start a family while living on the Bay. Despite the dangers of the Underdark, the Bay is far removed from the Drow Courts and the trouble their presence brings.