Wednesday, April 21, 2021

A-to-Z Challenge - R is for Ranger


Name: Jubalani Bechdel
Race: Human / Class: Ranger / Level: 3
Str: 16 / +2
Dex: 18 / +4
Mind: 15 / +2

Phys: +4
Subt: +4
Know: +3
Comm: +2
Surv: +5
Fort (Phys + Str): +6
Ref (Phys + Dex): +8
Will (Know + Mind): +5

Info: AC: 16 (Leather) / Ini: +4 / BtH: +3 / HP: 22
Longbow: Attk: +8 / D: 1d8+1 / R: Far

Long Knife: Attk: +7 / D: 1d6+2 / R: Thrown

Hatchet: Attk: +7 / D: 1d6+2 / R: Thrown

Gear: Backpack, Canteen, Rations, Torches, Rope, Bedroll, Mess Kit / Wealth: 70 gp
Traits (Human): Medium size. Normal speed. Normal vision. Extra Effort (3/day): Three times per day, a Human may roll in addition to their d20 check a d6 and add the two results together for the final result. These rolls include Attack, Saving Throws, and Skill Checks. Talent: Begin play with +1 Class Points. Armor Proficiency: Light, Medium
Attack Focus (Ranged): +1 Attack and Damage with Ranged/Thrown weapons.
All You Need Is Kill: Whenever a Ranger brings an opponent down to 0 HP with their Ranged Attack, they may make an immediate strike at the same attack bonus against a different target within normal range of the weapon. Targets that are beyond the normal range of the weapon are excluded from this ability. If the second target is brought to 0, the Ranger cannot target a third opponent.
Twin Shot: A Ranger may make 2 ranged/missile attacks per turn at -2 to each attack roll.
Weapon Finesse: A Ranger may substitute their Dex bonus over Str bonus when making melee attacks with Light or Finesse classed weapons.
Wild Empathy: A Ranger rolls +5 to Survival checks to either live off the land (such as identifying edible plants), or to calm down and possibly befriend natural animals. The Ranger does not receive this bonus when dealing with Magical Beasts.
  • Jubalani Bechdel is a Human Ranger that operates independently throughout the Seaside and Great Salt Marsh Regions of the Borderlands to keep the roads and trails safe for the modest travelers, boatmen, and farmers who cannot afford the protection of the mercenaries and mercenary companies that now populate the region.
  • Favors ranged attacks with her longbow. Her talents include both accuracy of speed in order to put down multiple opponents. An opponent that spots her at range might be the last thing they see.
  • Is in a relationship with local fighter, Willem Blanc. Although she considers herself an independent adventurer most of the times, she is also nominally a member of Blanc's Blackwell Company due to their relationship. The Blackwell Company's symbol is the storm cloud.
  • Jubalani was made using both Microlite20 and the Fantasy Expansion Rules by Andrew Domino.