Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Grey Matter / FH&W Solo - Breesany #4


Scene #5 - Between Fungi and a Water Wheel

“We should rest in one of the buildings,” Lilah noted gravely, “My energies are drained. Staniwick has ran out of extracts-”

“I still have a Chameleon prepared,” Staniwick said.

“I mean healing extracts, Fel,” Lilah retorted before turning to Preston, “How are you holding up?”

“I had inscribed one more healing scroll for the day. My own connection is faint with Yondalla,” The Cleric said.

“Alright then,” Jabeddo said, “But it would be a walke back to the ship. Let’s setup camp across from this building… no fires.”

The party made camp behind the pillar that was west of Glothrub’s hall. Without a fire, the only illumination was the blue-green bioluminescence of the moss clinging to the walls. Both Gnomes and Halflings had access to infravision that had allowed them to see in the dark. The only comfort the party lacked was the warmth of a fire. That’s where the bedrolls came in handy.

<Preston casts Cure Light Wounds on Dorset (1d6+1 = 7 HP / Out of Combat Healing). Dorset HP: 12/12> Preston used his last healing spell on Dorset before wandering off to sleep. The party at least needs two watches worth of downtown in order for spells to recharge. Jabeddo, Dorset, and Brinn each take a shift.

<Random Encounters 1-in-12 / 5, 11, 5 - No Encounters occur while the party rests>

Healed of their wounds and their energies regenerated, the party prepares to leave their campsite for another part of the caves.

<Note: I have decided to use ‘Party XP’ meaning that rather than divide the XP individually, the all XP gained is added to the total points, as long as the party remains together. In the event that members split from the party, their XP gains become their own. With that in mind, the combination of monster XP and treasure claimed has put the party up to 1,596 XP / 1,000 XP for Level 2. The party levels up.>

The party now has two different directions it could choose to take. One was going south through the fungi forest, the other was north and then west towards the water wheel where they had spotted the Kobold crew toiling over the construction. The party decided to travel through the fungi forest to the south.

<Using a random monster generator, there are two stirges nesting at the roof of the cave. (Q: Are there any Myconids hiding in the cave? (4+): Yes, there is at least one or two neutral Myconids hiding amongst the fungus stalks / Q: Are the stirges active? (4+): Yes, but they are caged by the Myconids>

The party moved south from Gothlub’s hall down a narrow tunnel that opened into a rough chamber where fungi stocks grew from the ground. From their position, the party moved through the south, southwest tunnel, which was the shallower tunnel and closest to the exit. At roughly thirty feet into the chamber, the party comes upon a group of Myconids who have settled the room.

<A surprise check is rolled for the party. Given the environment that the Myconid live in, the party is surprised on a 3-in-6 chance (d6): 3 - The party is surprised, but a reaction check (d6): 1 = Friendly intent and (d6): 2 - Willing to Trade. One of the Myconids approach the party with their hands raised in signs of peace>

The party moved silently amongst the ominous green stalks that were topped with spotted fungi crowns. The only sounds were the scattering of small rocks by their boots, the dull tap, and the clink of weapons or gear by the motion. It could not be helped. Jabeddo was in the lead, one hand always near the hilt of his cutlass as walked. Rounding the outcropping, Jabeddo halted as he saw a pair of yellow eyes glow at him in the dark. A figure emerged, taller than any member of the party. Its flesh was a bluish green that stood out from the stalks. The creature raised one long right arm, the palm empty palm facing in the direction of the party. Its chest moved up and down, as if breathing, on the exhale a series of gold spores washed over the party. Within the sports was a voice: “Welcome.”

Besides the dramatics, Myconids can also speak common. According to the reaction rolls, they are interested in trading, specifically in information. The Myconids are pleased that the party are not Goblins. The party is willing to share what they know about their homeworlds and wildspace.

<Q: Are the Myconids pleased with this information? (3+): Yes, in exchange for the information, the Mycronids provide information about the Goblins. One of the Myconids, an Thorn Archer, is interested in joining the party>

<Note: I will make a separate detailing Krizlen's stats. For right now, he is a Myconid and Fighter (1) with an emphasis on Archery>

Scene #6 - Moving On (Also Announcement)

(Note I decided to use Fantastic Heroes and Witchery for the system. All of the characters remain at 2nd Level with the minimum XP needed for each character to reach 2nd level)

The party moves from the fungi forest towards the southwest with the marching order: Dorset & Jabeddo, Lilah, Brinn, Krizlin, Staniwick, and Preston. At fifty feet into the rough tunnel, Jabeddo halts the party with the raise of his hand and listens out for trouble ahead (Detect Noise (d20+2): 4) He hears nothing out of the ordinary and gives the nod for the party to move ahead. At the end of the tunnel, the corridor flared out into a rough junction, with tunnels leading out the other directions. To the immediate south, the tunnels became smoother and took on a worked appearance as before.

<Q: Are there any humanoids in the hallway? (4+): No, the area appears clear>

Although the area is clear, Frizlen does clue the party into the situation on the ground…

“You say we slew the Goblin chieftain back there. What else is left then?” Jabbedo asked the Myconid with cyan skin. Krizlen’s yellow eyes flared before his voice emanated from several open pores located beneath the eyes. The voice had a soft, disembodied quality to them: “The Goblins were merely servants and slaves to Hobgoblins who have arrived. They had sent the Goblins first to fight and claw their way through as much of the complex as possible.

“If that’s the case, then what dwelt in these halls before the Goblins, Hobgoblins came, the kobolds? More of your people, Krizlen?”

“Various monsters… the kobolds before they were enslaved, but no, not my people.”

Brinn and Jabeddo move forward as scouts. Jabeddo heads towards the southern tunnel, while Brinn goes north. Both have set instructions to return to the party in the event they come across any trouble.


Jabeddo snuck south, hugging the hastily carved wall formed along the western edge of the junction before the wall turned smoothed as it headed south <Stealth: +7: 18 - He is silent as he makes his way to the corner between the edge and the southern hallway. Reaching the spot, Jabeddo peaked around the corner to see if he spotted anything (Is there any creatures in the southern hall? (3+): 5 - Yes, there are two doors across from one another with Goblin sentries at each side (1d4+1 = 3) - One door has two guards, another has a single guard>


Brinn moved north. She followed a similar pattern to Jabeddo - hugging the wall, staying as quietly as possible <Stealth +6 = 9> She makes a few stray noises as she approaches the corner between the chamber and the north tunnel. Around the corner, forty feet ahead, was an iron and wood bound door with a torch burning in the sconce <There is a 1-in-8 chance for a Kobold to be present: 1 - 2d4 Kobolds (2)> There are a pair of Kobolds lounging in front of what is the door. Unlike the Goblins, these are not sentries, but off-duty workers. <Stealth vs. Detection / Brinn (+6): 20 vs. Kobold (HD: ½ / +0): 6 / Were the Kobolds alerted by the initial Stealth roll of 9? (4+): Yes, and they are making their way to the chamber, but have not seen Brinn yet.>

(Kobolds: HD: 1/2 (HP: 3) / AC: 13 / Attack: +0 / ST: 18 - Pick: Attk: +0 / D: 1d6 / Knife: Attk: +0 / D: 1d3)

<Brinn hides and waits for a chance to pick one of the Kobolds off with her sling. She rolls Stealth (+6): 25 - Extreme+ Success. The Kobolds are automatically surprised when she makes her first sling attack (5 + 2 = +7): 22 - Hit! D: 1d4 = 4 (Kobold #1 HP: 0/3) - Slain!>

Initiative Roll - Brinn vs. Kobold (D6): Brinn (+3): 7 vs. GM (+0): 2)

<Brinn attacks Kobold #2 w/ Sling (+5): 14 - Hit! D: 1d4 = 3 (Kobold HP: 0/3) - Slain!>

By the time the second kobold had noticed that its partner had collapsed with a gasp, it was too late. The Kobold had spun, drawing a ling curved knife from its belt. The eyes were quite adjusted to the dark, and the shape of Brinn was clearly visible on the Kobold’s spectrum. It had spotted Brinn at the same time she had thrown a stone. The Kobold was pained by a terrible explosion as the rock crashed into its skull.

Brinn spent a moment dragging the bodies towards the corner of the cave that she had been initially standing in. She gave the bodies a quick search (Kobold #1 had a sack of 15 copper, Kobold #2 had a single 10 gp gem on its person). Brinn returned to the party, leaving the copper behind and taking the quartz with her. By the time she had returned, Jabbedo had also returned to the party, bearing news that there were Goblins to the south. Brinn informed the party that she had taken care of the Kobolds in the north, and that in addition to dispatching them, she had taken a moment to at least drag the bodies out of view of the northern tunnel. Faced with trouble in their south, the party decided to deal with the Goblins.