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Solo - Mutant Got Gunz? #2

 Mutant Got Gunz? #2 

System: Mutant Got Gunz? (SotU)

Oracle: One Page Solo Engine (OPSE)

Part 2

Drukor grumbled that his twin barrel rifle was out of commission during the course of the last firefight. He is eager to find a cave that the party can camp so that Krobokh could spend the scene fixing Drukor’s weapon. He starts out ahead of the party, taking towards the eastern side of the canyon road, hoping to either find a cave, or climb out of the canyon to discover a building that the party can take shelter in.

<Q: Does Drukor find shelter after taking a period to search? (3+): 6/1 - Yes, no modifier.>

Moving further up the road, the path inclined out of the canyon that the party had been moving through. As Drukor ascended, he could spot a nearby trail that the previous had used in order to set up their ambush, as well as the path the retreating raider must have used to escape. Near the top of the canyon, which looked out of the stretch of red dust and shrub brush. Drukor came upon an abandoned building rusting on the highway. It seemed perfect to make a camp, as long as the building remained uninhabited of hostile life. That was a distinct possibility.

<Q: Does the building have anything living in it? (4+): Yes, and it’s hostile - a colony of bugs dwell within the building>

“I found a space we can use tonight,” Drukor reported when he returned. He reached out for one of the blasters before catching sight of Marag’s narrowed eyes on his action. “My weapon’s broken, I need Krobokh to fix it.”

“You breaking your weapon entitles you to another?” Marag asked dryly before relenting and offering the weapon to Drukor, “Don’t lose this one in the next scrap, son.”Drukor nodded in agreement. Marag waved for the scout to take the lead. As usual, it fell on Drukor in order to detect a possible ambush.

Before the party approaches. I decide to roll up the colony that has infested the ruins that Drukor came across. The colony is small, with a minor Duchess attempting to establish a major nest. A Duchess is a female bug that is below a Queen in terms of strength. A Duchess remains a large class bug while her drones are medium sized.

< Drone / Size: Medium / HD: 2 (4) / MV: 10 / AC: 20 / DR: 2 / Natural Weapon (Bite, Slash): Attk: +2 / D: 2D / Special: Spittle: Acc: +1 / Attk: +3 / D: 2D

Duchess / Size: Large / HD: 4 (16) / MV: 8 / AC: 18 / DR: 4 / Natural Weapon (Bite, Slash, Gore): Attk: +4 / D: 4D / Special: Charge >

The party reached the outer perimeter of what was ultimately a motor pool and refueling station that existed before the war. The skeletal remains of both ground and hover vehicles sit in the yard. A potential gold mine in both spare parts and the possibility of finding a used, but functional vehicle that the party could scavenge for their use. However, a good mutant always has their suspicions about them when a location appears too good to be true. Drukor volunteered to move forward and see if he could either detect or draw trouble before the party was caught in a fight.

<Q: Are the bugs active? (4+): 1/1 No, but their tremor sense is immediately activated when Drukor passes through the main gates into the yard. The bugs are possibly alerted, but a Stealth roll is made to see if the bugs are either partially alerted or fully active. (Drukor’s Stealth d20+2+2 = 15 < 20. The bugs are alerted. Q: Do they lie in wait? (4+): 2/1 No, but they are obscured by lurking within the building rather than outside.>

Drukor takes a few minutes searching around the outer yard without going inside the building. He slowly picked through the wrecks, the pipes, and pillars that marked off the parking spaces and served as barriers in case an out of control hovercraft was aimed at the offices. Drukor was the first through the doors into the office, followed by Marag, Krobokh, and lastly Woundbrakah. The front office was made of tile floors which had been weathered by drifting dust and chipped by stomping boots. Drukor’s shoulder lamp illuminated a series of scratches that were drawn into the surface of the tiles.

“Bugs are here,” Druko said as he knelt down, “Can’t tell if they’re fresh or not.”

Marag flashed his light towards the far door that had been torn out. He saw further claw marks along the walls, “They have to be drones to fit a hallway that narrow.”

Marag and Drukor flashed lights down the hallway, searching between the walls and on the ceiling. They had some experience in fighting the bugs.

< Q: Are there bugs in the corridor? (4+): ⅓ No, No Modifier > Plenty of evidence lingered that there were bugs present, but no actual sign of hostiles for the party to engage. Marag knew that Krobokh’s rocket rifle would be a liability firing in doors. Looking to the combat engineer, Marag pointed back towards the double doors that they had come from, “This path leads to the garage. You and WB go from the outside. Be careful where ya point that thing,” Marag said.

Krobokh nodded, turning on his heel and making towards the door. At least if there was a firefight Krobokh would have plenty of space in using his rocket rifle. WB followed after Krobokh, the two pushed the glass doors open at the same time before starting towards the corner of the building that opened into the vehicle yard. Drukor had swept the area previously. When the Scout had originally looked at the section, all of the garage doors had been lowered to the ground, completely closed.

< The bugs have now gotten wind of the party and a few have begun to clamber over the wrecked hovercraft to investigate the disturbance as Krobokh and WB start making their way towards the garage doors. There are 1d4-1 bugs (3) that have appeared. They ambush the party with a 2-in-6 chance (4). The party is not ambushed as they come across the entryway >

Krobokh stopped short of the corner and held up his hand at the first sound of a hiss. There was a biting scent in the air, as if the very acids and poisons of bug breath radiated through the heat vapors in front of him. WB heard the noise as well, his bolt rifle immediately lifting towards the nearest scraping sound. The first bug leapt upon the hood of a hovercraft. Its body covered in shimmering green and black chitin while a set of acid green eyes glared in the direction of the pair.

< Round #1

GM: 18
Krobokh (+7): 19

WB (+2): 18

Note: Ties usually break for the party, unless the opponent is a major NPC. In the case of minions, player character’s are just a little faster.

Krobokh attacks Drone #1 w/ Rocket Rifle. D20+4 = 12 vs. AC: 20 - Miss!

WB attacks Drone #2 w/ Botler Rifle. D20+6 = 10 vs. AC: 20 - Miss!

Drone #1 attacks Krobokh w/ Acid Spittle. D20+3 = 18 vs. Def: 17 - Hit! D: 2D (6 - DR: 5 = 1) / Krobokh HP: 10/11

Drone #2 attacks WB w/ Acid Spittle. D20+3 = 5 vs. Def: 12 - Miss!

Drone #3 charges and attacks WB w/ Claws. D20+2 = 9 vs. Def: 12 - Miss!

Round #1 Notes

This combat, I was reminded to factor in the DR of the character. I haven’t checked my notes, but I might not have last time. In this case: Drone #1 hits Krobokh w/ Spittle. Krobokh is damaged 6 points but DR 1 reduces it to 1 hit point of damage. Krobokh HP: 10/11

The party has access to radios, allowing for near instant communication. It will take 1d4-1 rounds for Marag and Drukor to arrive (2 Rounds) >

< Round #2

GM: 18
Krobokh (+7): 19

WB (+2): 18

Krobokh targets Drone #1 w/ Rocket Rifle. D20+4 = 6 vs. Def: 20 - Miss! He moves back across the lot to take cover behind one of the columns that held up the awnings into the office. He gains cover: Def +5

WB retreated towards the columns next to Krobokh. He fires on Drone #3 w/ Bolter Rifle. D20+6 = 9 vs. Def: 20 - Miss! He gains cover: Def +5

Drone #1 fires acid spittle towards Krobokh. D20+3 = 9 vs. Def: 22 - Miss!

Drone #2 fires acid spittle at WB. d20+3 = 12 vs. Def: 17 - Miss!

Drone #3 fires acid spittle at Krobokh. D20+3 = 17 vs. Def: 22 - Miss!

Round #2 Notes

Several shots fired and spat on both sides missed their target. By the next round, Marag and Drukor stumble out the doors. Close behind are another two drones making their way from the interior hallway into the lobby that the party had just used.

< Round #3 - New Initiatives

GM: 20

Marag (+5): 16

WB (+2): 20

Krobokh (+7): 14

Drukor (+8): 25

Drukor attacks Drone #4 w/ Blaster. D20+3 = 19 vs. Def: 20 - Miss!

WB attacks Drone #1 w/ Bolter. D20+6 = 23 vs. Def: 20 - Hit! D: 10D = 18 - DR: 2 = 16 / Drone HP: 0/4 - Slain!

Drone #2 fires spittle at WB. d20+3 = 19 vs. Def: 17 - Hit! D: 2D (5 - 10). No Damage!

Drone #3 fires spittle at Krobokh. D20+3 = 21 vs. Def: 22 - Miss! (Cover has Dissolved by Acid. Cover Def +5 removed)

Drone #4 fires spittle at Drukor. D20+3 = Natural 20! Vs. Def: 18 - Hit! D: 2D+1D (Critical) 3D = 10 - DR: 5 = 5 / Drukor HP: 9 / 14

Drone #5 fires spittle at Marag. D20+3 = 8 vs. Def: 15 - Miss!

Marag attacks Drone #5 w/ Auto-Rifle. D20+3 = 8 vs. Def: 20 - Miss!

Krobokh attacks Drone #3 w/ Rocket Rifle. D20+4 = 10 vs. Def: 20 - Miss! He retreats behind a second pillar as the corner collapses from the bug’s spittle. The awning to the building has become unstable.

Round #3 Notes

Drone #1 is Slain by Woundbrakah

Drukor HP: 9 / 14 due to a spittle attack.

Krobokh HP: 10 / 11 from a previous attack. The support pillar to the office’s awning begins to collapse from the spittle attack. >

“Not even made it to the base and already we’re up against bugs,” Krobokh grumbled as his gyrojet missile skirted inches from the side of the bug and detonated into the hood of hovercraft’s skeleton. The explosion was brilliant, but it did little except annoy the black chitinous menace.

<Round #4 Initiative

GM: 20

Marag (+5): 16

WB (+2): 20

Krobokh (+7): 14

Drukor (+8): 25

Drukor switches to his bolt pistol and attacks Drone #4. D20+4 = 14 vs. Def: 20 - Miss!

Drukor fires a second bolt pistol shot at Drone #4. D20+4 = 21 vs. Def: 20 - Hit! D: 7 - DR: 2 = 5 dmg. Drone #4 HP: 0/4 - Slain!

WB: Attacks Drone #2 w/ Bolt Rifle. D20+6 = Natural 20! Vs. Def: 20 - Hit! D: 6 - DR: 2 = 4. Drone #2 HP: 0/4 - Slain!

Drone #3 attacks Krobokh w/ Spittle. D20+3 = Natural 1 - Fumble! The Bug’s spittle glands are drained and it cannot make any spit attacks for the rest of the combat scene. It begins scurrying towards the back of the building.

Drone #5 charges and attacks Marag w/ claws. D20+2 = 4 vs. Def: 15 - Miss!

Marag attacks Drone #5 w/ Auto-Rifle. D20+3 = 5 vs. Def: 20 - Miss! Marag retreats by crashing through the front window into the parking lot in order to avoid the bug’s claws.

Krobokh moves up towards the corner. He makes a Stunt roll to see if he can reach the corner and still act (d20+2+7 = 11 vs. DC: 20). He only makes it halfway through the main yard in front of the garage doors.

Round #4 Notes

Drone #’s 2, 4 - Slain! Drone #3 fled.

Drone #3 has lost access to its acid spittle due to a Natural 1 roll. >

A glorious thing when a bolter round hits the target. The heavy spike passed between the green compound eyes and blew out the back of the chitinous head. Woundbrakah was not just a Dokk, he was a talented shooter in his own right.

< Round #5 Initiative

GM: 20

Marag (+5): 16

WB (+2): 20

Krobokh (+7): 14

Drukor (+8): 25

(Q: Does the Queen Emerge? (4+): 2 / 4 - No, no modifier. The yard is currently clear)

(Q: Does drone #5 flee? (5+): 5/3 - Yes, no modifier.

Drukor attacks Drone #5 w/ Bolter Pistol. He Attacks twice: d20+4 = 23, 10 vs. Def: 20 - Hit/Miss! / D: 14 - DR: 2 = 10 dmg. Drone #5 HP: 0/4 - Slain!

Woundbrakah moves to Drukor and treats his wounds (Heals 1d6+2 = 5) / Drukor’s HP: 14/14

Marag steps over the dead bugs back to the hallway entrance in order to sweep for hostile targets. He makes a Search roll: d20+2+2 = Natural 20 (Q: Are there other drones? (4+): 6/2 - Yes, no modifier. The bugs are at the end of the hallway. Marag’s Search check prevents him from being ambushed.

Marag was aware that there were drones lurking within the hall before he even reached the doorway. (How many? (d4): 1 / Q: Is this a Praetorian? (3+): 3/2 - Yes, the Duchess has managed to germinate a larger 3 HD bug to serve her.)

Krobokh received a notice video commlink about the bug spotted. He decided to retreat back to the entrance of the office. When he reached the window that was broken, he took position just outside to cover the lobby. >

Marag stopped short of the entryway. He instinctively knelt with the barrel of his auto-rifle pointed towards the open door. His ears picked up on the heavy thud, the scraping sound of claws striding across the tile floors. The silhouette created by the lights above revealed a more menacing figure than a mere drone.

(Q: Are there any drones with the Praetorian? (3+): 5/3 - Yes, no modifier. How many drones? (d6): 3)

Round #6 Initiatives

< GM: 20
Marag: 13

WB: 7

Krobokh: 8

Drukor: 22

Drukor takes cover behind the reception desk again and delays until the first bug reveals itself. There is a 50% Chance that the Praetorian enters first. The result is: 96% - Drone. When the Drone steps into the path of Drukor’s shot, the Mutant attacks w/ Bolt Pistol with RoF: 2. D20+4 = 16, Natural 20! Vs. Def: 20 - Hit! D: 8 - DR: 2 = 6. Drone #1 HP: 0/4 - Slain!

Drone #2 moves around the corner and fires acid spittle on Marag. D20+2 = 11 vs. Def: 15 - Miss

Drone #3 remains without acid and charges at Marag to make a Slash. D20+3 = Natural 20 vs. Def: 15 - Hit! D: 4 - DR: 7 = 0. Marag HP: 15 / 15

Praetorian moves to the entrance and uses acid spittle on Drukor. D20+3 = 18 vs. Def: 18 - Hit! D: 3 - DR: 5 = 0 / Drukor HP: 14/14

Marag movies and attacks Drone #3 w/ Auto-Rifle: Attk: d20+4 = 22 vs. Def: 20 - Hit! D: 14 - DR: 2 = 12 Hit Points (Drone #3 HP: 0/4 - Slain!) Sweeps to Drone #2 at D: 8 - DR: 2 = 6 HP (Drone #2 HP: 0/4 - Slain!) - Sweeps to Praetorian for D: 2 - DR: 3 = 0 - Praetorian HP: 11/11

Krobokh attacks Praetorian with his Rocket Rifle. D20+4 = 10 vs. Def: 19 - Miss!

WB attacks Praetorian with a Bolter Rifle. D20+6 = 20 vs. Def: 19 - Hit! D: 10 - DR: 3 = 7 / Praetorian HP: 5/12 >

Round #6 Notes

Drukor slays Drone #1 w/ Bolter Pistol.

Marag slays Drone #’s 2 & 3 w/ Auto-Rifle

Woundbrakah attacks Praetorian and deals 7 damage. Praetorian HP: 5/12

Small fires have broken out after Krobokh used his rocket rifle indoors.

“Blood & Piss, Krobokh. Why are you shooting that damn thing in doors?” Woundbrakah snapped. He was able to gaze through a blackened hole into the next office. Small fires had broken over the desk and walls and had begun to eat their way through any spare fuel the embers had touched upon. There were plenty of flammable objects in the office, but none of the fuel was volatile enough to go off as an impressive explosion.

“Get back outside,” Marag ordered as he watched the fires begin to spread.

Round #7

< GM: 20
Marag: 13

WB: 7

Krobokh: 8

Drukor: 22

Drukor attacks Praetorian before it can flee back into the garage. He attacks twice with his bolter pistol: d20+4 = 19 & 22 vs. Def: 19 - Hit/Hit. D: 16 - DR: 3 = 13 / Praetorian HP: 0/12 - Slain! - Drukor moves back outside. >

Interrupt! - Drukor stopped short of the corner where the office opened into the yard. The ground trembled and several heads turned towards a crash that was muted by the rectangular building that the office was connected to. The center white door crumbled as a massive black duchess, larger than any vehicle in the yard, crashed through the garage door, her chitinous legs beating on the ground as she shook her head furiously. Her eyes, large as fruit, were the same compound green as her drones. The disturbances had proven too much, and now the Duchess needed to take the field to protect her eggs.

<Q: Is the Duchess accompanied by any drones? (4+): ½ - No, no modifier. She has spent all of her troops and now she stands alone>

< The Duchess has access to Deadly Poison. This is an enhancement of her natural attacks that add +2D to her already 4D damage for 1d4 rounds. She activates this ability before charging Drukor, the only mutant in range. She makes two attacks: d20+4 = 10, 9 vs. Def: 18 - Miss!

Marag moves out of the building through the broken window and stands on the opposite side of the awning, firing through the gap at the Queen w/ Autorifle. D20+4: 8 vs. Def: 18 - Miss!

Krobokh attacks the Queen w/ Rocket Rifle. D20+4 = Natural 1! Fumble! Krobokh’s gyrojet rocket actually hits Drukor who stepped in the path of the shot. D: 8 - DR: 5 = 3 / Drukor HP: 11/14 - Does the blast hit the Duchess? (4+): 1/1 No, but the blast propels Drukor through a glass window and out of the reach of the Duchess for the next round.

WB attacks the Duchess w/ Bolter Rifle. D20+6 = 20 vs. Def: 18 - Hit! D: 18 - DR: 4 = 14 / Duchess HP: 2/16>

Round #7 Notes

Krobokh accidentally hits Drukor with a gyrojet rocket. The Scout is blasted out of harm's way at the cost of taking some damage. Drukor HP: 11/14

WB hits the Duchess bug with his bolter rifle. He deals 14 damage in total. Duchess HP: 2/16 (Does she retreat? (5+): 2/6 - No, and she enrages!

Round #8

< Drukor stands up and attacks Duchess w/ his Bolter Pistol (RoF: 2). D20+4 = 7, Natural 1! - Fumble! Drukor takes aim and finds his weapon dry click. His bolter pistol is out of ammo.

The Duchess charges through the covered walkway, scattering bricks and masonry with her massive body. She attacks Marag and Krobokh with her attacks. D20+4 = 7 (Marag) / 10 (Woundbrakah) - Miss/Miss!

Marag steps back and attacks w/ his Auto-Rifle. D20+4 = 17 vs. Def: 18 - Miss!

Krobokh attacks with his Gyrojet Rifle (Sounds better than continuing to say ‘Rocket Rifle’). D20+4 = 17 - Miss!

Woundbrakah moves back and attacks the Duchess w/ Bolter Rifle. D20+6 = 10 - Miss! >

Round #8 Notes

Drukor has run out of ammo in his bolter pistol.

Round #9

< (Q: Is the fire still raging in the office? (4+): 4/6 - Yes, and it’s now consumed the backside of the office.

Drukor moves to the window that the other party members have moved through. He cannot slip out the window without running into the Duchess. Instead, he uses the blaster rifle on his person to fire at the bug. D20+3 = 8 - Miss!

The Duchess steps forward and attacks Marag and Krobokh with her claws. Her poison ability has ceased and will take another 1d4 (1) round to recharge. Attacks: d20+4 = 16 / 19 vs. Marag and Krobokh = Hit / Hit (4D Each). Marag takes: 6 - DR: 7 = 0 Dmg / Krobokh takes: 10 - DR: 5 = 5 Dmg (Krobokh HP: 6/11)

Marag makes a full retreat to the corner of the building. He asks for WB to cover him.

Krobokh makes a full retreat to the side and takes cover near a car.

WB takes a shot with his bolter rifle at the Duchess. D20+6 = 18 vs. Def: 18 - Hit! D: 12 - DR: 4 = 8 / Duchess HP: 0/16 >

Round #9 Notes

Krobokh was slashed by her claws and took 5 dmg. Krobokh HP: 6/11

Drukor’s HP after being hit by friendly fire: 11/14

Duchess is slain by WB.

Combat ends with the party watching the repair station become consumed by the flames. If it was any consolation, the nest that the Duchess bug had begun to form was being consumed by the fires. The eggs would burst into blue-green ichor from the intensity of the flames. The destruction of the nest was one less hassle for the party to deal with.