Friday, May 7, 2021

Vehicle - The Charybdis


Name: The Charybdis

Info: AC: 12 / DR: 2 / MV: 11 / HP: 30

Twin-Cannons: Acc: +1 / Attk: Pilot Level + 1 / D: 3D / RoF: 2 / Special: Sweep

Specials: Atmospheric


  • The Charybdis is a Light Freighter class vessel, capable of atmospheric movement in addition to orbit. This craft is loaded with twin turbo cannons that give the craft teeth, but isn't quite a hunter-killer vessel as other models prowling the galaxy.
  • Vessel is capable of jump driving, but most pilots are advised to used standard Jumpgates that operate throughout known space. Of course, using a Jumpgate means that you are easier to track by civil authorities who do not always take kindly to bounty hunters.
  • Moves slightly faster than ships with similar class of plating due to added fuel injectors that transfer hyper fuel to the engines.