Monday, May 17, 2021

Vehicle - The Hajada


Name: Hajada

Class Registry: Interceptor

Species Registry: Tigran


AC: 13 / DR: 3 / MV: 9 / HP: 30

Twin-Linked Turbo Cannons: Acc: +2 / Attk: Pilot + 2 / D: 1d6 / RoF: 2 / Special: Sweep

Forward Torpedo Bay: Acc: +2 / Attk: Pilot + 2 / D: 3d6 / RoF: 1 per Tube / Tubes: 2 / Special: Blast, Slow Reload (1 Round)

Specials: Targeting Computer (+2), Atmospheric


  • The Hajada is an Interceptor Class space ship designed for a combination of asteroid patrol, planetary defense, or a strike ship. It's armor is a little heavier compared to 'Fighter' class vessels, but the craft is slower in comparison.
  • Operates within the Tigran Cluster, also known as the Longlegs or Spider Constellation. Eight star sectors that represent the vast and disputed holdings of the Tigran people. The region has remained unstable since the imperialistic Saurian Star Empire had agreed to retreat from the system and pull their support to the ruling house Rakasha. It has now plunged the sectors into civil war between Tigran houses.
  • The Hajada itself maybe a defender of a sector, converted as a freighter for supplies or smuggling operations, or a minor pirate craft operating across the chaotic star lanes of the Eight.