Friday, May 14, 2021

Vehicle - Queen Maude's Land


Name: Queen Maude's Land

Type: Paddle Wheel Steamer

Size Scale: 11

Durability: Mediocre

Maneuverability (Water): Fair

Gifts/Faults: Cargo Bay (Gift), Communicator (Telegraph), Delicate Parts (Engines / Fault)


  • The Queen Maude's Land or QML is a sidewheeler steamer that operates in the rivers of the known world by a crew that take hauling and transport jobs of cargo and passengers with few questions asked. If the price is high enough, and there are no immediate red flags, the crew might even drop the few questions that they do ask of their clients.
  • The craft is smaller than a grand galleon. Making the craft faster, but sensitive to the motion of the high seas. The QML serves better working the rivers or hugging the coast of the known world.
  • There are no weapons on the QML besides personal armaments. In the event of a river rat attack, the party and the crew would have to depend on each other to rout any boarders.