Monday, May 10, 2021

Vehicle - The Wild Mallard


The Wild Mallard

Registry: Biplane (Aircraft)

Durability: Poor (-2)
Maneuverability (Air): Good (+1)
Size: 3 / DDF: 1
Speed: 13

Gifts: Drop Tank (High Endurance), Accurate Weapons (+1)


Twin-Linked Machine Guns
Skill: Gunnery +1
ODF: +3
RoF: 4


  • The Mallard exists in a FUDGE campaign world where biplanes, zeppelins, flying circuses, and aces are common. The Known World in the time of the Mallard is a world where air travel is common, and the unfriendly skies are filled with raiders and enemy factions who would love nothing more than to shoot down friendly aircraft or blimps. It is up to the players to intervene.
  • The Mallard is a biplane class aircraft with twin-linked machine guns for armaments. The vehicle's durability is Poor and combined with its Size (3) has an ultimate Damage Defensive Factor of +1. The Mallard needs to either be faster than the attacker, or score a hit first.
  • It's two main gifts include Drop Tank, which gives the Mallard an extra range of operation compared to similar planes of its class. It's twin-linked machine guns are some of the finest models on the market, giving the Mallard the gift of Accurate Weapons (+1).