Monday, July 19, 2021

World of Mutants - Morris, the Armadillo


Name: Morris
Background: Mutant Animal / Stock Race: Armadillo / Role: Explorer / Level: 2

Str: +1
Dex: +1
Con: +3
Int: +0
Wis: +1
Cha: +0

Info: Armor: 2 (Light Armor) / Speed: Jog / HP: 24

Crossbow: Attk: +1 / D: 1d6+1 / R: Far / Special: Quiet, Reload, Ranged

Hand Cannon: Attk: +1 / D: 1d6+2 / R: Near / Special: Loud, Deadly

SMG: Attk: +1 / D: 1d6+1 / R: Near / Special: Loud, Auto-Fire

Claws: Attk: +1 / D: 1d6 / R: Melee / Special: Natural

Dagger: Attk: +1 / D: 1d6 / R: Thrown

Gear: Backpack, Canteen, Rations, Torches, Oil, Flares (x3) / Wealth: 440 gp

Traits (Armadillo): Medium size. Slow speed. Low light vision. Natural Armor: Begin play with the Tough ability, adding 1 Armor. Claws: Natural attack that deals 1d6 damage.

Skills: Awareness, Survival

Energy Beam (Mutation; ⅓): Make a Ranged Attack that deals 2d6 + level damage at a target. Requires a 3 round recharge.

Scout: When Explorer scouts ahead, they spot trouble before they are spotted.


  • Morris is an Armadillo scout and independent scavenger working out of bestial controlled city of Oskar. He works with a motley of bestial humans, altered humans, and pure stocks that live in the region. Their employer is the enterprising Galton Fox.
  • Although Oskar is controlled by the Bestial Legion, the military arm of the ursine Emperor, Napoleon I's Ranks of the Fit Kingdom, Oskar is considered an open city. Non-bestials are allowed to dwell in the city, but have little political sway over the ruling council.
  • In addition to being an armored armadillo, Morris' main mutation is being able to generate electrical shocks every 3 rounds that he can use against targets in range.