Tuesday, November 23, 2021

M20 - Drebnos Stormshard, Blue Mystic


Name: Drebnos Stormshard
Race: Goblin / Class: Mystic / Level: 4

Str: 14 / +2
Dex: 16 / +3
Int: 17 / +3
Cha: 15 / +1

Phys: +3
Subt: +5
Know: +5
Comm: +4
Concentration: +6
Focus: +4

Fort: +5
Ref: +6
Will: +9

Info: AC: 13 (Robes) / Ini: +3 / BtH: +4 / HP: 28

Staff: Attk: +6 / D: 1d6+2 / R: Melee / Special: Reach

Dagger: Attk: +6 / D: 1d4+2 / R: Thrown

Acid Vial (x3): Attk: +7 / D: 1d6 / R: Thrown / Special: Burn (1 rnd, d6), Area (d3)

Traits (Blue): Smalls size. Slow speed. Darkvision. Naturally Psionic: +2 Save vs. Psionics. Read Thoughts (3/day): Three times per day, a Blue can read the surface thoughts of a target. Unwilling targets may make a Will Save to block the Blue from their mind.

Extend Power: Extend the duration of a power by x2 its normal duration by spending +2 Mana Points in addition to the original cost to cast.

Monster Knowledge (Aberrations): When attacking, damaging, tracking, or dealing in opposition of Aberrations, the character receives a bonus to half-level, round up. Current Bonus: +2

Drebnos Psionics
Attack: +7 / Save: 17 / Mana: 28

1 - 3: Biofeedback, Charm, Control Object, Detect Psionics, Mindlink, Mind Thrust, Precognition

2 - 5: Clairvoyant Sense, Cloud Mind, Identify, Read Thoughts


  • Drebnos is a Goblin with Blue skin, a pigment that denotes a mark of the supernatural within the Goblin community and can lead to harassment, banishment, or death for the unfortunate Goblin. Blues who are tolerated can become a great boon to the community (and a problem to Goblin's enemies) as Blue Goblins can become powerful Witch Doctors or Mystics, using their powers to protect and assist the Clan. Blue Goblins who can insert themselves as viziers can instill a discipline within Goblin ranks that makes the Clan a credible threat to their neighbors.
  • Drebnos is an exiled Blue Mystic who may have a touch of ruthlessness, a smattering of justified paranoia, but he has vowed to follow the path of the Chakra and renounce the wickedness of his people. He has managed to serve sellswords long enough to gain a grudging admittance into the city-state of Ultolia, where he has established himself as an aura reader and walking alarm for his patron.
  • Works with Catella Ingerina, the latter respects the Goblin for his consistent loyalty and expertise in the supernatural, but she remains counting the days when the Blue will stab her Mistress in the back, or reveal himself as an agent of hostile Goblin clans.
  • As a Mystic (Psionic), he has access to two skills that are closed to other characters - Concentration & Focus. Concentration, in addition for its ability to give a Psychic mind-over-matter feats is also used as a Psion's Will Save over Mind + Know.