Thursday, January 13, 2022

NYNC - Ariel Perez, Bloodhunter


Name: Ariel Perez
Race: Human / Code Name: Oriole

Bloodhunter - Gather Information, Intimidate, Recognize Blood

Warrior - Disarm, Pistol, Sword

Survivor - Bravery, Cunning, Hunt

Athletic - Acrobatics, Endurance, Karate

Key of the Empire: Ariel is an Imperial. She hits her key when she serves the Empire's interests, make contact with other Imperials, reveal a medal or sign of your true loyalties within enemy territory.

Key of the Mysterious Past: Ariel has a mysterious past that Ariel only hints at. Hit this key when some portion of the character's past influences the scene, or they use a skill they previously did not realize they had.

Key of Honor: Ariel abides by a strict code of honor. Hit the key whenever a decision is made and is influenced by one's personal honor.

Secret of Taking a Beating: Once per session, the character may mark 'Angry' in place of Injured or Dead due to physical trauma they had received.

Secret of Reflexes: Once per scene, a character may re-roll a test that involves grace, dexterity, or quick reflexes and take the better of the two results.


  • Ariel Perez, Code Name: Oriole, is an Imperial Agent and licensed Bloodhunter. Bloodhunters are individuals who can detect parties that are infused with greater magic, such as Fireblood or Stormblood. Bloodhunters can sense the energies surrounding these targets even if the target is not working their will and conjuring spells. Ariel's role is seeking to capture Blooded members of Ilysium's ton who have committed some crime against the crown.
  • Ariel is an Imperial loyalist whose past is partially obscured from a form of memory loss. She recalls receiving training in the Imperial Academy on Olympia, but she also has memories of living in the Expanse, the various colonies and backwaters that lie due north of decadent Ilysium. Every once in awhile she is hit by some image of her past, or meets an NPC that knew Ariel before her time at the academy.
  • In addition to her training with pistol and sword, Ariel also knows martial arts that emphasizes strong blows into weak points of the body. When she is on the hunter, she is determined to use whatever she has at her disposal to bring a target back for the bounty.